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Can Malwarebytes run alongside with Anti-Virus such as Symantec or Kaspersky?

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I'm using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium and i thinking to get another Anti-virus for my pc. Can Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium run alongside with Anti-Virus such as Symantec Norton or Kaspersky? Will it slow down the pc or clash if both is on and use at the same time?


Please advice!

Thank you.

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Yes, that's what MBAM Premium is designed to do.


I've run it with KIS (and other AVs) for many years.


If you wish, you may want to proactively set mutual exclusions between MBAM and your AV.

It's not strictly necessary most of the time, but it can help to minimize chances of minor clashes/slowdowns.


If you need help with that, please tell us: what AV and version are you running?

We will post some instructions about how to set the exclusions.



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Hello ChefDanny and :welcome:


Reference: Malwarebytes Compatibility with Antivirus Product



That document hasn't been updated in quite a while, it seems. :(

It mentions "2015" and other outdated AV versions, as well as Kaspersky PURE, a product that was discontinued and replaced by KTS a couple of years ago. :(



MBAM should run just fine alongside all the of the popular AVs.

But each computer is unique and the AVs are updated often.

If you need help setting mutual exclusions or if you run into any snags with MBAM and your chosen AV, please post back and we'll help you.



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