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How Long Does It Take To Get A Response From Support


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I submitted a support request via the main support site 2 days ago and it has yet to be assigned to anybody.


How long does it take to get a response?  Surely not more than 2 days!  In this day and age that is vary poor indeed.


My question was asking for help in that I am unable to activate my Exploit Premium licence after I had to reinstall the product following a computer crash.


Thank you.

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Hi FireFox


Many thanks for your reply.


Yes, I have checked spam folders - nothing there; besides, I actually log into the support ticket and can see that nobody has even looked at it.


I really hope Malwarebytes is not one of these companies that helps potential customers, but once they have your money they can't be bothered with you :(

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Please be patient, I am sure someone will get back to you soon...


KK, but when I can't use a product I've paid for I get a little bit annoyed, especially when I request support but have heard nothing for two, soon to be three, days. Not impressed so far with Malwarebytes.  :(

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Hi Myrm,


I apologize for the wait. Our support team is currently experiencing a larger volume of support tickets than usual and this affects their response time.


Our support agent Clarmelia is responding to your support ticket now, you should see her email in a few minutes. If you do not, please check your spam/junk mail folder.


Thank you,


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The response to business users are really disappointing.  I get a reply after a day or 2 and I immediately reply within seconds and then nothing again for hours or a day.  Upping the severity doesn't do darn sh*t.  What if i locked out all IE users or widespread malware and affected everybody?.  Response time is unacceptable for  a business paid product.



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