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MB Anti-Ransomware Beta Your license failed to activate


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Hello, I apologize for my bad English (written with Google translator).
I installed MB Anti-Ransomware Beta, but it does not work, it shows that there is an activation error, and post here the problem, further described in the attached copy of the screen.
Walter (Italy)



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Hello  everybody, 
I have been using MBARW for a couple of weeks now and everything worked ok; yesterday I started having problems with Mozilla Thunderbird that I have used constantly in the last 20 years and after many attempts to recover, among other trials, I uninstalled MBARW suspecting it as the cause of the malfuncioning of Thunderbird. 

Finaly I was able to recover and reorder my mail (more than 1.5Gb) with different accounts and cleaned accurately as usual my system;

after all that,  both tentatives to reinstal MBARW produced the same result: MB Anti-Ransomware Beta Your license failed to activate !

I use Windows 7 Professional/ 64bit

Lenovo Thinkstation, Intel Xeon Cpu @3.20GHz
8GB Ram, 2 HD x1 Thb

Norton Internet Secutity 2016

I attach the same image as xwam.


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I think I resolved my problem: I temporarely deactivated Norton Smart Firewall and Norton AutoProtect; also exited Skype that was just updated; then I completely uninstalled MBARW  and cleaned all its 635 leftover by a deep scanning (by mean of Iobit Uninstaller); 
than I just re-installed MB Anti-Ransomware Beta and it softly went on regular service!
Regards and best results to all of you!
Ennius (Italy)

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mines works as well. using windows defender on windows 10, originally stopped only real time protection. after posting here I also disabled cloud based protection and tried to open MBAM again and worked, not sure what exactly was the problem/fix

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I have had this issue off and on throughout the beta trials, a solution that has worked for me has been to re-boot my system once it fails to activate and most times this will cause it to sort itself out.


Glad you got it working xwam, and welcome to MalwareBytes Forum :)

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