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Malware? Can't remove or fix

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Hi, I have a Bogo Mobility phone, 6QC (BO-LFSPSL6QCI) since 1 year ago.


The initial problem from the first day was that my phone autoinstall software without question anything (usually DU Battery Saver and others). I configured to forbid but didn't work, so i send to the technical support from Bogo to fix this an a screen delay in tactil function.


After that Bogo told me that they remove the android version and install another more actually. Since the first day the same began to happen: the phone install stuff aplications without asking me nothing perhaps i configured to avoid it. Nothing worked.

A few months ago I install Malwarebytes, but never detected nothing wrong (at least I could know if something new was installed at the moment because the autoscan of Malwarebytes for new apps, so that was better than nothing). But in the last week I suposse Malwarebytes was updated with new definitions and it detected the "Software actualization" app that the phone has for default like a "Android/PUP.Risktool.Agent.ay" in "/system/app/DMClient.apk".


I have the phone rooted but Malwarebytes can't remove or fix the risk, I suposse because is a default system app to update all apps.

Any suggestions or advise with this?  :huh:  :huh: 

(I'm from Spain, sorry if i don't write properly)


Thx a lot for your time and support!!!  ^_^

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Ok, i deleted the app with the Superuser app from Kingo with i rooted. I tested to update some aplication like Gmail and it was succeed.

I'm not sure if delete the full app is a good solution if is a system app, but all seems ok after reset the phone and update other apps.


Now Malwabytes scan is clean, but i still have an alert "Crushes Malware. Restores Confidence."  :blink:

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