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Please confirm safe: maildev.com msgextract backup

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Please can you advise if the above program is safe as I'd like to use it generally, having tested the trial. This program appears to be safe as MalwareBytes AntiMalware found no threats. However, Norton reported a warning as it says not many of Norton's users have used the program.


I downloaded this tool from: http://www.maildev.com/download/and scanned it with MalwareBytes AntiMalware, finding no threats. I ran it and allowed Norton to let the program run, when it warned me about the small number of users. I'm running it on Windows 10 32bit Pro which also warned of unknown publisher but I have seen this before with software I am more confident with.


I tested the program with a low risk email (gmail) account (only a few mesages in there, mostly automated mails from social media, no contacts), it works very well - it has many options for batch/bulk backing up email including in non-proprietary format such as .eml with options for naming of the individual email files, and retaining the hierarchical structure.


It all looks normal and not suspcious at all. However, with Norton reporting a low number of users and low numbers of followers on their social media, I find myself wanting my confidence with the tool to be higher as it looks really good for what I want. (I used to use a very similar tool from express-archiver.com which extracted from Outlook Express on Windows XP but this tool (and the OS of course) are now defunct.)


The site looks very polished with payment options for the full version (which I intend to take up), and the head of the company had been on SuperUser for 3 years and has built a respectable reputation score, http://superuser.com/users/134397/jponceand their posts disclose that they are the developer of the tool when answering related questions. The company is based in Bolivia it would appear going from the about section on the site and the whois of the domain.


So all looks fine and a really useful time saving tool, nothing quite like it. I am also aware of http://imapsync.lamiral.info/which may come close and appears to be open source, with paid-for support but this is more technically involved and does not appear to have the easier to use UI that maildev mailextract has.


Can you advise:

 - if there is anything further I can do to improve my confidence as to the safety of this not so well known program

 - is you have experience of the tool yourself and have been able to perform tests and or analysis to determine safety


By the way, I do not work for maildev or any other tools mentioned. I also have no financial interest.


However, as it looks like an excellent tool, as well as my own confidence being improved, I'd love to see more positive confirmation if possible as to the tool's safety so as to help promote it.


Thank you.


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Different security applications will have slightly different databases.



A good way to check any particular file against a large range of security applications is to upload it to a portal, such as VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/


In order for the Malwarebytes Research Team to analyze the file, they would probably need to have a copy of it.

So, you may wish to start with the instructions here and here.

Then, you may wish to submit the requested information (an archived copy of the exe and VT report link) HERE.


The company web site appears to be safe, but I have not downloaded or tested the setup file.


Is this the link to the product to which you refer?




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Is this the link to the product to which you refer?




Yes correct - that's the file,

here is the Virus Total report for the file: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/0be99096384dc2d0b6db4a8852f1bce525ffcc9b0bcdfd7761e09502e236a647/analysis/1457286540/


As you can see, DrWeb is the only scanner out of 55 that alleges that there is a DLOADER.trojan. DrWeb has been found to report false positives in the past, here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/171054-drweb-false-positive-with-mbae-svc/

Given that it is the only one reporting such issue, this would suggest that the file is safe.


And here is the Virus Total report for the URL:



I looked on: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/forum/51-newest-malware-threats/( "HERE" ) as you suggested and this appears to be a place for real malware submissions, as many of the threads are titled as such, I'm not sure what the convention here is to post the .exe there as it doesn't appear to be malware. Given the above findings. Are you suggesting I post information there?

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I think there may be some misunderstanding. :(


This section of the forum is for help with installing/configuring/running MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti-Malware). :)


So, when you posted to inquire about the "safety" of a 3rd-party application you were thinking of purchasing, I referred you to the forum section where such inquiries are normally made.

The Research Team members are the folks who would analyze a file for possible malware.

And the Research Center sub-forum is where the file (along with a VirusTotal or similar link) would need to be submitted for such analysis, rather than here, in this area. (For everyone's safety, file submissions are not permitted in this particular forum area.)


As for the Norton detection or flagging of the program, I suppose that would be best reported at the Norton forum or another of their support venues.

The Malwarebytes folks would not have any way to know how or why Norton would flag a particular file.


As you have already purchased the program, all of this is happily "moot". :)

I'm merely explaining why I made the suggestions I did, for future reference and for anyone else seeking to inquire about possibly unsafe software applications.


Thanks again.



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