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A couple of comments


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1. Sometimes after startup of the computer the program says it isn't active and has to be manually started. This is inconsistent behaviour though (sometimes it does show as started).

2. I understand and expect that the program icon should apperar in the system tray when running, but it also puts itself on the taskbar and there doesn't seem to be a way to prevent this. I don't want the taskbar cluttered by icons for always-on background tasks.


(Running on a Win 10 Pro 64 bit platform)

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I have so far installed the beta on two different Win 10 Enterprise 64-bit machines and here it does not stick to the taskbar, it dissappears as soon as I close the window, as expected.


I have not also experienced your first problem, but I haven't booted these machines more than a couple of times since install.

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The icon disappears to the system tray if you first open the program and then close it, but until you do that manually it shows on the taskbar (on my system). Since the default behaviour (obviously) should be that it runs on startup, there should be no need to open the program window at all under normal circumstances, so it should go directly to the system tray in my opinion.

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I think at the moment it's useful also appear in the taskbar, so before close is can verify that the protection is actived, imho before removing it they should add a change to the icon in the system tray that signals when the protection is stopped, and possibly even the appearance of a tool tip.

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