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Annoying MB main page - popping up every 8 minutes

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We love and appreciate MB and use it regularly.  Our free version is


Our install pops up the MB main page asking us to start a scan every 8-10 minutes or so, which for us is  very annoying.  I surmise there is a setting that will control the frequency of the screen popping up to ask us to start a scan.  This happens all day long, even after a scan has completed 5 or so minutes before.


How do I set the scan engine to offer a scan once a day or at start-up or at any other convenient time?


All useful ideas will be much appreciated.  thank you!

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Hello and Welcome!


Seems something went wrong with your install of Malwarebytes. Lets try a clean re-install of Malwarebytes. Remember if you do not want the trial, make sure you uncheck the option at the end of the install.

Let's try this first....

Please let us know how it goes.

Thank You,

PS: You have posted this in the comments and suggestions section, which is for Comments and Suggestions for ways to improve the program. You are seeking help for issues with Malwarebytes, so one of the mods or admins may move your topic to the correct section which is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Help


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Just to get clarification, is that a small little message window about unhandled non-malware items detected?

Can you take a image capture of that and send in ?

Or at the very least, find and send a copy of the very last Scan run.

My expectation is that there were some PUP or PUM items that have to be looked at and marked for action on your end.



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