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Mobile phone problem

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Hello, I'm new to the forum. I've got a Samsung j5 mobile (new, first android phone having used nokia lumia for the last few years) and I'm downloaded the malwarebytes app to the phone, because I use malwarebytes on my PC and have done for a few years now.


Unfortunately I keep getting the message  "Crash Data.  The app found information about previous crashes. Would you like to send this data to the developer?" and it stops me scanning. Sometimes it lets a scan complete, but sometimes not.


Is something wrong ? 


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Hello, @ne5 and :welcome:

I'm a long time Android user, and I've got MBAM Mobile installed as well.  The only time I encountered that message I allowed it to send the data, and all was well.  I never saw it again.

Have you tried sending the data?  If so, then I would next suggest trying to clean the cache, or else just uninstalling and then re-installing the app.  Out of curiosity, what version of Android are you currently running on there?

Seeing as you are new to Android, Here are some instructions on how to find the version you're on..

  1. On your phone, open the Settings panel (App drawer --> Settings is one way, for Lollipop and newer, double swipe down of notification menu and pressing the gear icon is another).
  2. Scroll down to the bottom where you see About phone and press it.
  3. You should see a whole host of info, scroll down and you will see Android version and then at the very bottom you'll also see Build Version. 
  4. Post those two items to tell me the Android version you are on.

Please post back and I can assist you further if you're still having issues.

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