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Malwarebytes fails to remove "Total Security" rogue antivirus properly

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I'm not sure if this is the exact location to place this, but I would like to inform you of my experience with the Total Security rogue which appears to be a ripoff of Bitdefender. In my testing, Malwarebytes did detect the Rogue antivirus as shown in the attached picture and did supposedly remove it, however, upon restart (as requested by Malwarebytes when the scan completed), the Rogue is still there and appears untouched, it will boot with the operating system as well. I would be happy to submit this sample of the rogue so that you can improve Malwarebytes's removal of it if needed. Also, if this topic isn't in the right place, please do tell me where this kind of topic should go. Thank you. :)



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1Yes, if you have samples and the rogue is not being completely removed then please do submit them.
The place is - Newest Rogue-Ransomware Threats

Please reference the following on how to provide those sample submissions.

Malware hunters please read
Purpose of this forum
Malware Hunters group
Upload Directions:

  • Take the files and put them in a ZIP or RAR archive file.
  • Create a new post and paste the Virus Total ( or other service ) report URL in the body of the post.
  • Choose "More Reply Options" on the bottom Right of the Web Form
  • Now choose "Attach Files" on the bottom Left of the Web Form.
  • Browse and find your ZIP or RAR file.
  • Choose "Add Reply" and there's your post with your attachment(s)


1.  One caveat.  New rogues are rare.  That smitfraud ploy hasn't been used in a while.  Therefore you want to think about the age of this rogue.  If it is new, great.  If it is an old rogue then it may be too old to be considered.

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