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Started new topic after newbie mistake.


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I posted in Malware Removal Help and was advised to follow a link https://forums.malwa...at-do-i-do-now/  and it's instructions, which I did and clicked on start a new thread and gave the post a new title.


However on login back in the next morning, I noticed that my new post appears in the reply to the old post:

"RogueKiller reports possible Malware IAT Hooks". Instead of the new post "RogueKiller says I'm infected but MBAM &CIS says No"


Not sure why?

Any advice?


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It's all good. :)


You started your first post in the Malware Removal section, and your helper, "Twin" referred you to the pinned topic for instructions about posting diagnostic logs.

He intended and expected that you would post those logs as a reply back in the original thread in which he was working with you.

Instead, you started a duplicate topic.

In order to reduce confusion and clutter, your two topics were combined into one.


IOW, there was no need to start a second topic. ;)


So the forum mod team combined both topics into one here:https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/179426-roguekiller-reports-possible-malware-iat-hooks/


Please continue to work with Twin in that topic until he gives you the "all clear".



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