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MWB_BR tool - Licensing


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I was most frustrated at my purchase earlier today.

I see that MWB has farmed out the sales/fulfillment of the BR tool to CDW.


A simple google for MalwareBytes Remediation Tool brings up the CDW site for purchase -https://www.cdw.com/shop/products/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware-Remediation-Tool-subscription-license-1-year/3716187.aspx[Nothing took me directly to MWB to purchase.}


Maybe CDW won't be the only Distribution channel but shouldn't MBW be the first source available and Distribution follow later?


Enter the rub:


I noticed the printed electronic delivery time was - 1 - 2 days. (Assuming business days it potentially extending delivery to as many as five days over a three day weekend. I accepted 1-2 days with frustration.


To top it off:


I called CDW Sales and they told me (verbally) that I will receive my license in 2 - 4 days. Now this will easily extend delivery to a full week over a holiday weekend. .


Being accustomed to MWB's prompt, personal, distribution of licenses I am MOST frustrated b/c I need this product immediately.


Is there ANY way you could get a shortcut to the process and provide my keys today?


This has put a major crimp in my situation and will be forced into
going elsewhere even though MWB's product seems far superior.


Please inform the public in your pinned messages these two major changes:


1) MWB Customers will(may) be redirected to CDW to make your purchase




2) The license keys will(may) be delivered separately anywhere from one to six (or more) days.


Thank you and best regards,



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I was frustrated when directed to CDW to purchase the product today. I frustratedly accepted the written 1-2 day fulfillment. However arter placing the order and calling CDW Sales I was informed that the process would take from 2 - 4 days. Over a holiday weekend this could exceed a week easily.


Guess I'm just spoiled with your prompt responses to new licenses being almost immediate.


Will you be putting a store at Malwarebytes dot come directly or will we always be redirected to third party fulfillment?


I need the product now and felt a bit put off to be honest.


lease don't take this wrong - I do have the highest regard for MWB,


Best to you,



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