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Blank admin password not working during initial setup

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When I try to log into the Management Console for the first time, it does not accept a blank Admin password.

I am not sure whether this is a password issue, or whether the console did not finish installing correctly.



The server is Small Business Server 2007. When I first installed the product, it installed the IIS 7.5 Express and the SQL database. At the end of that portion of setup, it asked for a reboot.

I chose the option to manually reboot later. I expected the setup to exit at that point, but it did not. It went on with the MBAM console setup, which errored out.

I figured this error was due to the lack of reboot after the SQL component. Later in the day, I rebooted.


After the reboot, I could not find an MBAM console icon. When I tried to run Setup again, it told me the product was already installed.

Then I uninstalled the product (but not IIS 7.5 or the SQL instance). I chose a different port than last time.

Then I re-ran setup. It skipped right past the IIS and SQL portions, did the database prep, and installed the console.


When I double-click the Icon, I get the logon screen, with the Server Address and User Name pre-populated with and Admin.

When I click the Login button, it thinks about it for a couple of seconds, then I get an error: Login failed for user: Admin.


I have tried running the "Server Configuration" utility to select new/open ports, which appeared to complete successfully but which had no effect on my login issue.


The best I can figure is that something went wrong due to the aborted initial setup and uninstall/reinstall, and the routine where the blank password is accepted and then changed after the first logon has been bypassed.


So I need instructions to reset the password, and/or ideas on what else might be wrong.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi Scowndrel,


had a similar issue and it turned out, that was due to missing patches from Microsoft. When I´ve downloaded and installed all recommended updates and started over from scratch, it just worked fine. Not sure which one of the missing 113 patches caused the issue, but apart from that, I didn´t change anything on the system.


It does look like the connectivity to the SQL DB does not work properly, check the settings for TCP/IP and Named Pipes, both are necessary to be enabled!





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Thank you for the suggestions. I'll see if the client is willing to do a reboot at lunch today so I can apply the 39 updates that the server is waiting for. Some of them are for .Net Framework, so that might be relevant.


Regarding the SQL connectivity, it is my understanding that TCP/IP and/or Named Pipes only needs to be enabled for other computers to access the database over the network; not for local applications installed on the same server to access it. For example if I wanted to install the mgmt console on a user's PC, I would need to enable those. I have not enabled those on other servers that I have successfully installed this product on.


However, as a troubleshooting step based on your suggestion I did enable those, and restarted the services, and it did not solve the issue.

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  • Staff

Hey Scowndrel,


It looks like you submitted a ticket for this issue as well. If anyone else is running into this issue, please submit at ticket to corporate-support@malwarebytes.org or go through our portal. We would like to collect some logs on this issue to see why this is occurring!


Thank you,


Ron S

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Yes. I have run though a couple of things, tried an older version of the installer as requested by the support rep, and submitted a few batches of logs.

But when they asked for a large list of logs from all over the system, I had to call it quits. The customer is not willing to pay even for the troubleshooting that I have already done, and I'm not going further down the rabbit hole on my dime to troubleshoot an installation that should have taken 15 minutes (and has, at other customer sites).

I'm not willing to be an unpaid software tester for MBAM console development issues. We'll either run it unmanaged, or obtain a refund.

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I just verified that Management Console has NOT been tested on Small Business Server 2007, and it is NOT listed in the product's system requirements as an operating system that is approved for use.  It has been tested on SBS 2011, if you wanted to upgrade the server which that customer uses.

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There is no such product as Small Business Server 2007. The customer's server is SBS 2008, which runs on Windows Server 2008, which is listed in the system requirements.

Small Business Server 2011 runs on Server 2008 R2. SBS 2011 is not listed in the system requirements either.

If the product does not work on SBS versions of Windows, that should be noted in the system requirements, since the OSes that SBS runs on ARE listed. This is a failure of proper documentation.

The customer is not willing to undertake a $2000+ migration project to support a product whose purchase price for 8 users is only a couple hundred dollars.

We will most likely just do a refund and look elsewhere for malwarebytes protection.

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I was just going by what you said in your first post.


Switching to a standalone implementation is definitely best for 8 users.  Dealing with policies and checking disk usage on a regular basis is really unnecessary for that many users, so a transition to a standalone would be better in your case.  Sorry you have had so many issues there.

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