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How Are You Meant To Get Support?

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Hi, I posted a support ticket on 21st February regarding my usage level.  I had a reply 2(!!) days later from Matthew Ramirez asking me a question - to which I duly replied pretty much immediately.  Since then, I have heard nothing back...even to my "where are you" replies.  I therefore posted a new ticket on the 26th February which was never replied to...BUT...was deleted!  I had the confirmation email acknowledging receipt of the ticket so I know it went 'through the system'.


This is a deplorable level of customer service and am at a loss as to how arrogant and belligerent Malwarebytes' support is.  Where do I go from here?


Any help appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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Hello and Welcome!

I can not respond as to what's happening with your ticket, as I don't work for Malwarebytes or have access to that info. I do know however that if you submit a second ticket and they see you already have a ticket open, they will close out the second one.

That being said, not sure we can help here, but what is the issue you are having, perhaps is an easy fix that we know about and can help out here?

We would need more info on the system....

Please read the following and in your next reply ATTACH the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs

(the three files should be CheckResults.txt, FRST.txt and Addition.txt)

Thank You,


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Hi Firefox, thanks for your reply.


Its a pity they cant spend more time answering paying customers' complaints as they do in policing their support tickets!!


I need them to simply reset my license usage as I have never deactivated it when uninstalling from my PCs...that is my mistake of course...but their response is unacceptable!


Thanks again for replying.  Perhaps you should get on their Board!! :)

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Its a pity they cant spend more time answering paying customers


That support is available to paid and Free users all the same. They are handled first come first served basis as far as I know. This service also cleans malware issues as well so it can tie up support resources as well and make the wait longer.

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