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Malwarebytes will not except product id or key

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Have been using a malwarebytes software Premium CD of some time now.


This is a 3 machine license, CD copy.


I had to completely reload OS and files

after a crash.

Malwarebytes would not except the same id and product key as before the crash after reloading

system and files.


Only have two machines running the software. Premium CD Disk

states 3 machine.


Hope no one is using the key number. Would never share software keys.


Loaded another Product id and key from a second CD which we own

and works fine.


I do have a copy on the phone but I can remove that copy.


Thanks mwbrown7638 :D

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Until a forum staff member has a chance to respond....

Unfortunately, the only folks who can help directly with sorting that out are the Support folks at the help desk.
We here at the forum do not have access to the necessary information to resolve such issues.


These would be the standard recommendations:

  • If you already have a ticket at the Help Desk, please try to be patient. The Help Desk is busy, and they are also assisting users with technical support and malware cleanup cases.
    • Please do not open multiple tickets there -- doing so will slow down the process and could delay their response to you.
  • If you do NOT already have a ticket at the Help Desk, you may open one HERE.
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In addition to @Porthos's excellent advice.... :)


When you mention the activation failure, it might help to know what error message or code you see -- if it's "403" or "404", then, as @Porthos suggested, you'll need to contact the Help Desk. They are the only folks who can work to resolve 403 or 404 errors.




First: there's no need for the CD (other than for the license information).  The current version of MBAM can (should) always be installed from a fresh download of the installer from here or here.

More information here


Second: Please be sure you enter the license information correctly. Substituting letters/numbers and/or adding spaces or not adding the correct hyphens will result in errors.  More information and detailed instructions about activation: How do I activate Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?


Third: I am puzzled by your mention of using one of your 3 activations of MBAM Premium "on your phone".  MBAM-Mobile for Android is a different product and should have no bearing on your MBAM Premium license for your Windows PCs.  AFAIK Windows Phone OS is not supported by any version of MBAM for Windows or MBAM Mobile. So: What type of phone and what OS is it? <just curious>


Having said all that, as @Porthos pointed out, the Help Desk is the best place to sort out licensing/activation issues. ;)





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