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license failed to activate


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Hi Uwe. Restart your computer and when MBARW opens after reboot, check it's status.

If that does not help, try reinstalling MBARW.


It's also possible the access to the MBARW servers is being blocked by something on your system or in your environment.


As Nathan wrote:

This typically happens when the user isn't connected to the internet on the start up of the application, or the application is being blocked from accessing our servers. Please ensure you are on a connection that isnt restricted (ex. not at work under a firewall), and also disable any other security applications (firewalls, AV's, Internet Security, etc.) while running the BETA. As soon as the application registers successfully you can turn all these applications back on right away.

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Hello ukuehnel and :welcome:

In the past, the developer has suggested that the system in question have its security software temporarily disabled while installing Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (MBARW).


At the completion of MBARW's installation, the security software can be re-enabled.


If those steps fail to correct the issue, you might try installing MBARW in Windows Safe Mode.


After trying these steps, please reply to your topic with the status of your issue.


Thank you for beta testing MBARW and your feedback.

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Hello ant Thank's for your answers.


I just started my Computer and also reinstalled MBARW.


I have one Installation with no Problems her in my Network.

But just this Installation was done before we changed something in the Firewall.

I think it is possible that something is blocked now.

Wich port do I have to open for the Installation (80, 443, or another one)


The PC we installed it has the same configuration regarding the security Software.

So I think this would not be the reason for my Problems.


(Sorry about my English it seems to be a little bit rusty)


Kind regards Uwe

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