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MB Disrupting Outlook Office 365 DNS Connections

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Any idea why MB would be interfering with DNS requests to outlook.office365.com? We have quite a few users all of whom are seeing this disruption however they get no alert or warning MB is causing it. And it 100% IS MB causing it. If we turn off Malicious Website Protection they are automatically re-connected and working within 20 seconds consistently across all affected systems. The issue is the same as those reported here:



If we remove MB completely all issues also disappear. We will likely open a ticket with MB but I'd like a public forum explanation of the role it is playing in these DNS requests and why it would even be involved with such a well-known address. TTL for outlook.office365.com is 5 min per Microsoft Support in case that matters. Strangely not all folks who have this same version suffer the issue so it's very puzzling why it's so inconsistent in terms of who it affects yet so consistent in the symptoms and resolution. (Outlook disconnected until system reboot, no access to the web Outlook client either until the reboot. Symptoms ALWAYS return to those affected).

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Awesome to see such responsiveness! The silence speaks loudly. About 900 licenses about to be thrown overboard in favor of something that doesn't break user's email. BUYER BEWARE.

If you have 900 licenses, then that means your a business. You are asking for help in the Consumer version of Malwarebytes. Since you are a business you have to either post in the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Business section or send an email to the support team that deals with business for prompt support HERE

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I'd certainly be willing to help you look into this further. I use Outlook 365 both 2013 and 2016 and do not have any type of issue with DNS. Perhaps some other proxy or other similar issues going on. If you have someone with a bit of networking experience that is will to work with me on it I'd be more than happy to take a look and see what we can find.


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