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MBARW Beta 5 download flagged by Malwarebytes

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When I clicked on the link to download MBARW Beta 5 it was blocked by Malwarebytes. I've attached a screenshot. Should I proceed with the download? Thanks.


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That is NOT MBAM flagging the MBARW download. (MBAM would throw up a toaster popup, but only on execution.)

That is a generic "warning" because of the beta software at the box.com site.


If you are downloading MBARW beta 5 from the special box.com link in this forum sticky post, then YES, it is safe.


However, even beta5 is still BETA software, so:



...we do encourage beta users to install the product in non-production environments for testing purposes.



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See this warning every time I download, not MBAM related, MBAM would have notified you with a very dif warning. PeAcE

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