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Multiple processes of "java web start launcher" & PID names with .exe *32

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I need assistance with slow pc after it boots up; I am unable to launch any apps or surf the web.

15 - 20 mins later I am able to launch apps and surf the web.

I was able to display the task manager had multiple "javaws.exe*32" running and

After the 15 - 20 mins they cleared and all the application processes have the ".exe *32 " extention.


The last know update that I executed was via McAfee' Security Center prompting me to do windows updates.

Normally I launch Windows updates via start /programs /"Window Updates".


Is this a virus; Trojan or Malware?



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Reboot into Safe Mode.
Go to;  "C:\Program Files\Java"
And then into any/all  JRExxxxx\bin  folders  ( example: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_60\bin )
Rename;  javaws.exe  to;  javaws.exe.BAK
Reboot into Normal Mode.
Then go to;  Control Panel --> "Programs and Features"
Remove all versions of Oracle Java.
If you have a need or still want Oracle Java, reinstall/install v8 update 74 .

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I successfully restarted in safe mode but wasn't able to locate the JAVA folder in directory  C:\Program File\


however I was able to rename the javaws.exe.BAK in the bin folders of C:\Program File (x86) \




Restarted in Normal Mode and deleted both instances of Java in the programs and features.

This resolved the multiple instances of "javaws.exe" and the slow pc issue.

Many Thanks for this resolution.


Are there any other steps that I need to do...rather does this mean that the issue resolved?


I ran task manager again and still see the existence of some process with the (exe.*32)

Of those processes I recognize as web based applications:







Did this mean my pc was infected by any sort of malware/virus and did we purge this issue of resurfacing again?

or was this just a work around to resolve an anomaly of Java ?

Is it safe for me to continue logging into my web accounts without compromising passwords?

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Yes.  The numerous javaws.exe running and dogging down the system issue is resolved.


Any files that have *32 showing mean they are 32bit applications running under a 64bit OS and that's normal.


Having numerous instances of javaws.exe*32 running and dogging down the system however is abnormal.  By disabling javaws.exe in Safe Mode meant when the system is rebooted into Normal Mode it can not execute.  That gives you the ability to remove all instances or Oracle Java which corrects the problem and should allow it to be reinstalled normally.


It did not mean your PC is/was infected causing the issue.  It is a bug in Java that creeps-in every so often over the years and appears to be independent of the version of Java installed.


As for the computer being safe to be used again.  Sure.  It wasn't a case of being compromised. 


It would not hurt to update MBAM and your anti virus application and perform a scan to reassure yourself.

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I ran an assurance scan with MBAM and McAfee.

I also installed Java v8 Update74 without any issues.

I am please to report that my pc is running smooth thanks to your expert guidance.

I appreciate you taking the time out to assist me with this issue.

So do you have paypal account to which I can make a donation for the help you offered me ? 

or how can I pay you for your assistance?


Thanks Dave

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LOL - You couldn't pay me to have a PayPal Account !  :lol:


Thanx but what I do on the Internet is for charity and even my software is Charity Ware.  If you want to donate to a charity in my name, Thank You.  That is greatly appreciated.



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