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Several virus that can not be deleted. help please

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I have a Mobistel Cynus t7 smartphone.
My problem.
When I run Malwarebytes, it takes several viruses.
But I can not delete. Can not delete tells me Malwarebytes.

I reset it to factory settings.
But always the same problem.

Here's a photo/screenshot for a better understanding.

Can anyone help me how I can delete them?
thank you




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Hi gobidi, from our team: "We cannot delete applications that are in system folder, this is restriction of android. There is a way to bypass it, but it isn't safe. Judging by the name of your smartphone,if you have a Chinese model, there is possibility that it is shipped with malware. That's why factory reset can't help."

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Hello Cecile,
Thank you.
I have also had the suspicion that the problem is on china phone system folder.
I wanted access to root, for example delete the file SmsManager. But if my SmsManager file is missing. Then my phone is, I believe, do not work properly. That's why I do not delete it. And the other 4 virus. The same problem.
Damn it...

I must, willy-nilly find a new operating system for my phone.
On my phone is Android 4.2.2. An update is not possible.
If someone on the forum has a tip where I can find a new operating system for my phone Mobistel Cynus t7. Please contact me

the program malwarebytes is very good.
The problem is the root system folder files on my phone.


Tahnk you

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