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Uncle Sam loves Windows 10


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The United States Department of Defense (DoD) plans to upgrade 4 million workstations to Windows 10, generating strong support for Microsoft's newest operating system.


To boost its overall security, the DoD wants all its PCs that still run on older versions to adopt the latest Windows OS until February 2017. Microsoft integrated a vast array of features and services in Windows 10 aimed at increasing enterprise security, and the DoD's announcement shows that the company's efforts reached their purpose.


The 4 million upgrades mark the largest deployment of the OS in an enterprise environment, yet.


The decision aims to streamline the IT infrastructure of the department, so that all potential cyberthreat can be dealt with easier and faster.


read on in ..http://www.techtimes.com/articles/134636/20160218/uncle-sam-loves-windows-10-us-department-of-defense-to-upgrade-4-million-computers-to-microsofts-latest-os.htm

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  • Root Admin

Wow... not saying its good or bad but if they really think that is going to stop threats, attacks, and social engineering on the Government then we really need some smarter people in place running this big wheel. From my point of view it's a band-aid to the threat but too big a discussion to really get into for me.

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I can see why they might think so, Microsoft has integrated into windows 10 it's newest defender product, which automatically shuts off if you install an alternate AV product.

Though the free windows defender product is inadequate against the newest viruses and threats.

People don't need a better OS, they need a better understanding of basic computer security.

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