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Does it work?


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I know that the latest build fixed Windows 10 injection bug, but, does it really work in Win 10?

I'm asking this, because I noticed on Windows 7, whenever I load Chrome, Opera, or whatever, I get a notification in the right corner that Chrome or Opera is now protected by this program. But whenever I open those programs in Win 10, I don't get that notification? So, does it work, even without that notification, or something is wrong?

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Hi ozzzy.


Q:  Is the orange-color shield showing on the Taskbar ?   or is it hidden?   If hidden, drag & drop it onto the Taskbar.


In any event, when in doubt as to a particular shield, you can start MBAE & click on the Shields tab and have a look.

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  • Staff

It might be that Chrome.exe is already running in the background after you close the visible window. So after running it again you don't see the notification since it was already running and protected by MBAE. Test with other applications like Word, Acrobat, etc. to see if you see the notifications.

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Well, earlier I had those notifications, and I'm running the same programs on Win 10 as on Win 7 for tweaking etc, and there I have those notifications. But who knows, maybe some program turned off those notifications here, even though it's checked in the MBAE.

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Welcome back.


Been running Anti-Exploit fine.  Started CPU this morning, AE not running. Windows 10. Any ideas?




I suggest starting with the advice in this pinned topic: Anti-Exploit not started under Windows 10


Please let us know if this resolves your issue.




P.S. Pedro might split off your post and our replies to it, as it's a different issue from the one reported by the OP in this thread. No worries, though. ;)

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