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Scan all H.D's.


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G'day all,

I am a newbie to this program and forum.  I would like to know how to set up Malware to check all the hard drives on my computer.

I have 3 drives, two which I use for system and storage, the third one is for backups.

When I open the scanner, I get a good scan of the "C" drive, but I would also like to scan the "D" and "E" drives also,

any one out there able to help please?



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You can do that.  First, here's a link to the online help guide.


Select a Custom Scan, then choose your drives.  Depending on how much stuff you have on your drives, it's liable to take a while, but it will do what you ask.  You can also select certain directories to fine-tune your scans.

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Just to add... :)
The Threat scan is the recommended and default scan type -- it looks in places live malware is likely to hide.
The "custom" or full scan of all mounted drives/volumes is not unreasonable once, upon first installing MBAM.  But, as @gonzo mentioned, it's likely to be slow, it could cause unnecessary wear and tear on your drive if it's performed often, and it's a task better suited to your AV.

More info about v2.2.0 HERE
Version 2.2.0 Release History HERE
User Guide ONLINE
User Guide PDF
FAQ: Common Questions, Issues, and their Solutions

If you need more help configuring or running MBAM, please feel free to post back, preferably in the MBAM Help area HERE.



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