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Any plans to remove windows server requirement for Malwarebytes Management console

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Are there any plans for the software, to not need a windows server to roll out Malwarebytes business and the management console?


I use mbam business with the console in a number of environments.  I love it.  I'd love to use it for clients who don't have a windows server.


I'm sure that platform offers you a number of benefits, and I'm sure the mbam console may not have some features if it were loaded on a desktop os. However the central reporting feature is a tremendous benefit for all customers, so if there was a way to make it work without a windows server, I'd be able to sell more of your software.

thank you!

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  • Staff

Hi stevekal,


Thanks for the positive feedback and feature suggestion.  The details of your use case are interesting and quite helpful, especially regarding central reporting.


You're absolutely correct in saying that the management console does require a Windows Server OS for a good chunk of functionality.  If you don't mind me asking, is an on-prem management console a requirement for you (as well as your customers), or would a cloud-based (hosted) console be a viable alternative?


If preferred, you may private message me as well.


Best regards,


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Hi Jason, Do you have any plans to offer a hosted console?  I have another use-case for it.  I have a client with a main office with a windows DC, but they also have a half-dozen field offices, which aren't connected via a VPN, so a cloud-hosted management console would be great for them.  Can you let me know if that's a possibility?

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Hi Stevekal,


without being supported, the management server and console can be installed on a 64bit Windows 7, for small environemts that does work, but, and this is a very big but, one of the main differences between client and server systems from Microsoft is the number of network connections it can handle, the limitation is 10 for clients. Considering that, you might end up with a traffic jam on your client machine, acting as the management server.





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In addition to what lazzo has said, any problems that you encountered on an installation based on that Windows 7 server would NOT be supported.  As a reseller, that could put your reputation with your customer in a bad light.  If you have not already done so, please send a private message to jasonc.

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