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Protection Disabled Window Which Pops Near System Clock (Lower Right) at each Boot Up

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As others have mentioned previously, I run MBAM with Malicious Website Protection Disabled because I use my Antivirus for this. Even if I did not do that, I would still run this Disabled. If the website is malicious, my Antivirus would catch this and disconnect me from the website.

Has worked like a charm for over several years.


How can I disable this annoying message window that pops up with each boot up? It does not seem to go away so I always have to close it. Furthermore, even if it did go away, I do not want it popping up after every boot.


I seem to recall in other posts on this Forum that we were told that the MB staff would eliminate this pop up or provide granular control including giving the user the option to disable this completely.


I do not need to have my hand held here and constantly be reminded of this. Especially when the MB's window reminds one too when you click to open the program.


I am getting tired of people thinking that Users like all kinds of windows opening up at boot up which all have to be closed each time. Many of us do not!


Again, how can I stop this annoying behavior of MB? If I cannot, when will the FIX be out?


I am ready to ditch this program because of this. I probably have closed that message window 1000's of times already. Frankly I am sick of this because the window also blocks the Icons on my Firefox AddOn bar which I use all the time. Even without that, I DO NOT want this message window.


Please provide your plans for getting rid of this annoyance if there are any. If not, I am afraid I will be abandoning the program. I do not really like supporting software companies who do not let me control what pops up on my computer. No matter how good the software is otherwise.





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Until a staff member addresses your specific concerns about feature changes in future builds...


EDIT: There is no need to disable the MBAM web blocker; it is designed to run alongside all of the popular AVs.


If you don't want to run MBAM Premium realtime protection modules, then all that's needed is to open the dashboard > click "My Account" > click "Deactivate".

That will convert the program to the free, manual, on-demand version.

You will not be notified about the realtime components being disabled, as they will have been deactivated.


Alternatively, you may perform a clean reinstall, opting to reinstall as the Free version by opting not to activate to the Premium version with your license.


Thank you,

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Hello Spam Hunters:


Actually, I do run the Malware Protection Module. I have had some issues in the past (cannot remember the details) with the Malicious Website Protection module enabled so I disable it. My Antivirus handles this flawlessly for many years now. While I understand MBAM is designed to run alongside all of the popular AVs, there are always glitches and bugs, and I have experienced these in the past. I do not need the Malicious Website Protection module.


The point here is I should be abler to disable one or both modules without annoying messaged popping up all the time at boot up. Everything you suggested circumvents the core issue here. I do not need to be treated like a child on my computer system. It seems many software vendors do not understand this. And by the way, I find this hand holding philosophy insulting. We are not all idiots here in the US despite what others may think.


Thanks for your input.



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Thanks for your feedback.
Unfortunately, with the current version, disabling a critical protection component will generate notifications.
That is the same for any major security product, not just MBAM.
Having said that, you may wish to post with your suggestions to change this feature in the "Comments and Suggestions" area here.
(A recent survey has already closed, but the forum area is open to new posts with requests for features and changes.)
And having said that, millions of users run MBAM Premium, as it was designed, alongside their AV without issues.
If you are experiencing conflicts or problems with MBAM Premium and your AV on your system, the Malwarebytes staff and forum helpers will be more than happy to assist you.
If you would like help with that, we could better assist you if you could please provide a bit more system information.
Please read the following and attach to your next reply the 3 requested logs - Diagnostic Logs (the 3 logs are: FRST.txt, Addition.txt and CheckResults.txt)


The Malwarebytes staff may have additional advice and suggestions.


Thanks again,

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Hello Again Spam Hunters:


Thanks for the suggestion and Diagnostic links. I really appreaciate it.


However, I must respectively disagree with your statement that "disabling a critical protection component will generate notifications. That is the same for any major security product, not just MBAM." I am currently using Set Nod32 Antivirus and I can disable modules without pop up windows occuring a boot up. Now when you luanch the NOD332 Antivirus program, there is a message in the program window that the module is disabled, but no pop up windows occur separately outside the main program window after Windows boot up. This is a bid difference. I can also say that during my over 20 years of running so called security software on my computer going back to DOS, most, if not all those programs never threw a pop up window during boot, or gave you the option to disable that. Some of the past and present programs are Web Root Spysweeper, Spyware Doctor, Norton Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, WinPatrol, WinPrivacy, SUPERAntispyware, SpyBoty Search and Destroy, ADAware,

and more. In fact, MBAM is the only program that I have used in the past 20 years that displays an annoying  pop up window at the user during boot up and does not provide a way to disable this.


Again, there seems to be a philosophy today at least here in the US that All people are mentally handicapped and need this kind of hand holding. I have seen this time and time again in our culture. I had one gentlemen who wanted to send me E-Mail reminders to lube my Treadmill. For some reason, he did not believe I was capable of keeping a maintnenace log myself!


In my opinion, if one wants to argue that most people are idiots, this view should not, and does not apply to all of us. However, this does speak to what many people really think of their users/customers, citizenry, and people in general.


Give me the option to configure the software I bought from my computer myself. That's the way it use to be. The fact that this is disappearing gradually over time in more ways than one, paints a very negative picture of all involved who condone this philosophy, and those who accept it.


Thanks for the Links Again.



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Thank You for your helpful information, Sorry about all the spelling and grammar errors. I am using a wireless keyboard and the keys are not always responding properly when I touch them. This had been going on for a few days and I have not investigated the cause yet. I think I am getting periodic disconnections with the USB receiver.


Have a good night.

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