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Awful Adware (spams "An error has occurred on the script of this page" followed by obscure websites)


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I've been trying to remove this PUM adware for at least 8 hours now. Originally, it hijacked all my antivirus software and I had to use the chameleon to finally remove that. Then I had to MANUALLY remove parts of the virus that blocked off youtube, antivirus help/installation websites and other parts of the internet with "SUPERDelete" feature from another antivirus program to remove them (they regenerated when deleted or required "admin authentication" then ANOTHER "admin authentication" etc. etc.). Now THOSE obnoxiousities are gone... but whenever I launch up GameMaker (one of the main reasons I got Bootcamp in the first place) it has irritating popups that say "This code is corrupt" and URL's advertising their bootleg video sites. o_o


Here's a picture:  1fPA26w.png


I found XML Files called "123trailers.com[1].xml" ( one of the annoying-ass sites (eg. tvinn.net) these "errors" keep advertising )  in C:\Users\Jace\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\DOMStore. There's 9 of them total, but whenever I delete them they just regenerate. I tried SUPERDelete, but it doesn't work with these files. -sigh of great depression-




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Ok, so I managed to solve this problem on my own (with another 1 hour of effort. Taking care of this virus and making sure it doesn't spread has swallowed up my entire Saturday. -_-


Does Malwarebytes ALWAYS track keyloggers? That's the last thing I'm worried about. I noticed some suspiscious "KEY" files (which probably aren't keyloggers...) but, I am a fool, after all. I barely know anything about virii. Bare with me here...

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