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Quarantine Process Stalled

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I posted this topic earlier in the Anti-Malware Help section.  I was directed to post here.



The quarantining specifics are 1898 bits of malware detected - at least 1890 of them PUPs.  It has now been stuck on quarantining item 1553 for over an hour. 

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Sorry for the delay. So how are things going? Did you need assistance with this?


That's a pretty good method you guys have here for dealing with posted threads - just wait long enough and the problem will go away on its own...


It eventually took 14 hours to finish quarantining those 1898 items, but it did finish.  I had the owner of the tower pick it up several days ago. 


I'd like to thank this forum for all the helpful replies, but I can't seem to work any enthusiastic gratitude.  The 14 hour quarantine period is a mystery, but given the almost complete lack of response this topic has received, I suspect it will remain a mystery forever... 

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  • Root Admin

Sorry for the delay but anytime you're ready to try to handle hundreds of users a day requesting help please sign up. We're always looking for good tech support people.


Thank you again. As you're completed and have returned the system I'll go ahead then and close your topic.


Take care



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