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Protection not active at startup -- Solved!


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mbarw beta4 win 7 ultimate 32bit admin account (UAC max), MSE, EMET 5.5 (max), Win Firewall inbound & outbound.

First thing, after I installed I got the message that "there was a problem activating" and "your license failed to activate", so in order to activate i had to open my outbound firewall temporarily. 
After that I had to manually Start protection with each start up of the computer. 
Tried opening the firewall outbound connections to MB3Service, MBAMService and mbarw but the problem persisted.
Then reinstalled, while those outbound connection still allowed in the firewall, and problem solved.
Closed the firewall connections to MB3Service, MBAMService and mbarw and reinstalled, again can't activate.
Opened MBAMService in the outbound firewall and it activated after exiting and running the program again, but I had to manually start protection after each startup of the computer.
Then reinstalled while the MBAMService outbound rule is turned on and problem solved.
In conclusion, the problem is that if MBAMService.exe doesn't have access to the internet (either because of internet connectivity problems or outbound firewall rules) on the first run of the program (which occurs automatically at the end of the installation), then the program will only activate after enabling the connection and restarting the program, but even after that the user will have to manually start protection on each startup of the computer.
The only way to get over this problem now is to make sure internet connection is fine before starting the installating and then either turn off the outbound firewall before installation or create a rule that allows MBAMService.exe to connect to the internet.
Now, you might say that since first run is the last step of the installation and installation usually immediately follows download, that it's reasonable to expect internet connectivity at that point. But there are still many people that don't have constant internet connectivity and.
You might also think that users with outbound firewall are very rare, and you are right. But, I guess that within the subgroup of users that beta test security software we are not that rare. And of course it is noteworthy that one of your competitors in the industry publicly advocates using outbound firewall as another layer of defense against some ransomware.
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Same problem on Win10 PRO. Once the system restarted, the protection have to be manually activated

I've not tried all the hints on firewall, IMHO this problem have to be solved in another way to have an installation "flawless". Only a few users may be so "skilled" and confident in doing "open ports" on them firewalls.

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I already write it down in my topic ( "It cost some patience....)  at page 2


but as we al know in win 10 if it is pro or home ( I use both ) 


there is a differance between reboot or close the system and  start let's say the next morning 


when you close down and start up  MBARW wil be green and protection is  enabled 


But for any reason on windows 10 home or pro a reboot is nessecaire  

you'll see that MBARW is red and protection disabled and you have to start it manually 



I have one old laptop with Win 7 


Here is the program really steady..................you always have to start protection manually 

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