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Protection disabled, and cannot restore false positive


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I installed MBARW Windows 8.1, and how other real-time protection using Comodo Firewall and Avira, and I had the following problems:


1) During the MBAR installation, Comodo signals the MBAR_Setup.tmp file as if it were infected with the CloudScanner.Trojan.Gena2@1.


2) At every start, the protection is turned off, and I have to activate it manually.


3) MBARW detected the TheSecretSociety.exe (a game app) as ransomware, and has quarantined for 2 times, and because I think is a false positive, I tried to restore it, but MBARW tells me that the operation cannot be performed.

Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip


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As for being unable to restore a detected file. Please reboot your machine before attempting to restore the file.

Didn't work for me, I also tried to open MBARW as administrator, but always I obtained the same message.
I solved saving the game progress directory, and reinstalling the app without MBARW, then I opened MBARW as an administrator, and added the exe of the app to exclusions, so I emptied the quarantine, and restored the game progress.
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Beta 5 is out see HERE

Thanks, I tried it a while, now it all seems resolved, the beta5 was installed without alarming Comodo, and protection remain enabled after a system restart, while it's still disabled if I close and reopen MBARW, but I don't know if it's a bug, or a wanted behavior, however is not a big problem for me.
Then I tried to remove the app "The Secret Society" from the exclusions, and now is no longer mistaken for a ransomware.
Good job  :)
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