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Kaspersky : GSI says incompatibility with MBAM

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What is this story of incompatibility with MBAM that tell us Get System Info (GFI) from Kaspersky, a free tool to test a machine against every software incompatible with Kaspersky tools ?
I thought MBAM Premium (real time - On-access), compatible with all antivirus solutions.

And, in my case, I have been roundly heckled about my tutorial on how to insert MBAM free (an "on-demand" task) in the sheduler in presence of kaspersky tools.
The free MBAM works only "on-demand"! It makes no request for exclusive access to the files (as "on-access" tools do). MBAM free is compatible with everything, all the time.
Get System Information (GFI) find that all world security features are incompatible with Kaspersky products. His message is clear: "Throw out all, that I put myself." It's only bullying. It's a lie!

Is there anything I should know?
My tutorial (In French) - Copyleft
Comment lancer une analyse antimalwares automatique, avec la version gratuite de Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM), au démarrage de Windows, cette fonction n'étant normalement prévue que dans la version PRO (Premium) de MBAM.

Pour décontaminer un ordinateur (malveillances réelles et / ou trucs indésirables ou simplement superflus - hors virus), on utilise divers outils (gratuits ou en version gratuite pour les produits commerciaux). Aucun de ces outils (en version gratuite pour ceux ayant une version commerciale et une version gratuite) ne travaille en temps réel (On-access) mais uniquement à la demande (On-Demand).

Si vous voulez que l'un d'entre eux soit lancé automatiquement au démarrage de Windows, pour faire une analyse rapide du système, ce sera MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti Malware), sans l'ombre d'un doute.

Toutefois, pour lancer la version gratuite de MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti Malware) automatiquement au démarrage de Windows, il faut faire un petit réglage dans les « tâches planifiées » (dans le « planificateur de tâches ») car cela n'est pas prévu de base.

La version la plus à jour de la procédure suivante se trouve toujours ici

Procédure :

  • Clic sur le « Bouton Démarrer de Windows »
  • Dans la boîte de recherche, saisir taskschd.msc
  • Clic sur taskschd.msc (ouverture du planificateur de tâches)


  • Dans le volet de droite, clic sur « Créer une tâche de base... »


  • Dans la fenêtre de l'assistant de création d'une tâche qui vient de s'ouvrir, donner un nom à votre convenance à la tâche planifiée. Par exemple :
    Analyse MBAM au démarrage de Windows
  • Ajoutez, éventuellement, un commentaire (ou laissez vide)
  • Clic sur le bouton Suivant


  • Dans la fenêtre de sélection de l'évènement déclancheur, sélectionnez « Au démarrage de l’ordinateur »
  • Clic sur le bouton Suivant


  • Dans la fenêtre de type d'action à effectuer, sélectionnez « Démarrer un programme »
  • Clic sur le bouton Suivant


  • Dans la fenêtre de sélection du programme à lancer, clic sur le bouton Parcourir


  • Localisez l'emplacement de votre installation de MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti Malware). Là, sélectionnez mbam.exe
  • Clic sur le bouton Ouvrir


  • Dans le champ « Ajouter des arguments (facultatif) : », saisissez (recopiez), tel quel, espaces compris
    /scan -quick -terminate
  • Clic sur le bouton Suivant


  • Clic sur le bouton Terminer


A partir de maintenant, chaque fois que l'ordinateur sous Windows démarrera, MBAM (Malwarebytes Anti Malware), effectura :

  • Une analyse (le switch « /scan »)
  • L'analyse sera de type rapide (le switch « /quick »)
  • Le switch « –terminate » ordonne à MBAM de se fermer après une analyse si aucune menace n’a été trouvée. Si quelque chose que MBAM pense malveillant est trouvé, l'interface MBAM reste ouvert pour vous laisser choisir le sort à réserver à la chose.
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Same here.


The Kaspersky GSI utility often reports perfectly safe and legit programs as "incompatible", mostly because KL hasn't bothered to formally test or whitelist them. And, as @gonzo mentioned, this is more about marketing than it is about "compatibility".


I've been running MBAM Pro/Premium and KIS for many years without issue.


Having said that, when installing or upgrading KAV/KIS/KTS versions, it doesn't hurt to first temporarily uninstall MBAM, install Kaspersky and then reinstall MBAM.  It's no longer strictly necessary, but I've followed that practice for many years and have had issues with corruption/clashes/glitches.


Also, when troubleshooting a problem with KAV/KIS/KTS, it's not unreasonable to temporarily uninstall MBAM, just to take it out of the equation.  When the issue with KAV/KIS/KTS is found to be unrelated to MBAM and is fixed, then one can reinstall MBAM.



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We have tested and continue to test for compatibility with Kaspersky and many other AV products and in fact we work with Kaspersky directly to ensure continued compatibility by having them whitelist our products each time there is a new version released. We also did compatibility testing specifically for Kaspersky and provided them with the data from said testing to convince them to remove our products from their incompatible software list, which they did once they saw our results. I suspect the GSI tool is simply reporting a potential incompatibility based on either an older product detection database that it's using or because of some heuristic algorithm it uses to detect other security products.

Also, just for some additional information, our product is not an on-access scanner, even when using the Premium version with real-time protection enabled. It is a purely on-execution detection module and does not scan files on-access the way that antivirus products do. This is part of the design of our product that allows it to run alongside in real-time with other security software such as antivirus products.

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I know the code is the same for free and registered.
But the result is there. Saying that the free version, that works on demand, is incompatible with Kaspersky products, is at the same level as saying that Windows Explorer is incompatible with Kaspersky products!

An assistant (helper) responds to my tutorial, believing, without thinking, the things announced by GSI.
I am enraged against this level of stupidity of some helpers who believe all and anything. And I wonder if GSI is not to be classified in the scarewares class.

This problem did not start yesterday, ie :
http://forum.kaspersky.com/lofiversion/index.php/t132492.html (in 2009)
In https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/107367-malwarebytes-compatibility-kaspersky-pure/?p=535318, please add this link : https://www.malwarebytes.org/pdf/reviews/AVTestingReport.pdf

MBAM Premium is an "on-execution" tool.


This is when a code is "accessed" with an attempt to execute/run in memory, The term "on-execution" is less known that "on-access". The classic "on-access" mutual exclusion does not exist and MBAM Premium can run alongside any other application "on-access" or "on-execution" (or "on-demand"). A malicious code in a file does not hurt anyone. It sleeps until it is requested for execution. If it is asked to open with notepad or notepad ++, etc. ... nobody risk anything.


I'm an evangelist of Kaspersky and MBAM Premium. I use them simultaneously without any problem.


Kaspersky attitude with GSI, and especially the message he passed to the assistants (helpers) (since GSI is requested by the assistants to the assistants), not fully informed, irritates me.
ps :: is there a limited number of images in a post ?

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This problem did not start yesterday, ie :
http://forum.kaspersky.com/lofiversion/index.php/t132492.html (in 2009)

I'll defer to @exile360 on nearly everything about this. :)

And he will correct me if I am wrong.


However, that KL forum thread dates to 2009.

That's pretty much "ancient history" for both KL and MBAM.

All relevant products have been significantly rewritten since then.


AFAIK, MBAM has not been listed as incompatible with KAV/KIS/KTS for quite some time (several years).

Here is the list for KIS 2016, and it does not include MBAM: http://support.kaspersky.com/us/12141


That the GSI utility "flags" MBAM as possibly incompatible is a separate issue specific to that particular tool.

It also flags many other valid, legitimate programs (security and non-security).

The problem is that KL doesn't bother to test/whitelist those applications.

GSI is run by users who are troubleshooting issues with their KL software.

So, as already mentioned, it's probably not unreasonable to ***temporarily*** uninstall "possibly incompatible" programs during that process.

When the problem is found to be unrelated such a 3rd-party program, it can be reinstalled.


At least that's my understanding and experience with this, as just a home user.



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