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Virus on my Kindle Fire


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I somehow got a virus on my Kindle Fire.



I clicked a google link to go to Verizon email log in.


I got:


The page at cloud-drive-read-error-detected.cloud-drive-read-error-detected-at-sector-4579d0=no-files-found.cach...

Windows has detected some suspicious activity from your IP address.

Some spyware may have caused a security breach at your network location.

Call toll free 1-888-392-5638 for technical Assistance.

Debug browser spyware 895-system 32.exe Please do not use any internet based services to avoid any identity thefts.

It goes on to capitol letters telling me to not shut down my device or I will lose all my data and that I must call the number above to resolve the issue.

It is obviously a trap intending to get personal info, but has anyone else seen this before?

What do you recomend I do?

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The Kindle is Android based so it would be  Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile ( MBAM2 ).
However you made the false assumption of a "virus".  All viruses are malware but not all malware are viruses.  Just like the Audi Quatro is an automobile but not all automobiles are Audi.
If it is like the below video I created from one such site, it isn't even malware.  It is a scam/fraud web site that uses Social Engineering to get you to call that number and give them money.
Malware Scam Video

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Thank you Mr. Lipman. I installed MBAM2 onto my Kindle and ran a scan. I also called Amazon help through thier support feature (evidently calling is recommended for this issue) and they helped me clear the pop-up malware warning which was a scam like you pointed out in your video.


Everything turned out fine, I am very grateful of the help.

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