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computer crash after update, second time


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New guy here,


Years and years ago I purchased malwarebytes and it served well.


a couple years ago right directly after I let the updates process on my desktop, almost instantly after I quickly clicked some random malwarebytes pop up box I always trusted in the past to make it go away, my desktop machine crashes.  This was an older desktop that for the most part served no real purpose in life other than web & cloud email.  that machine was such a tank and so old we called it the caveman, was only strong enough to be compatible with XP SP1.  Anyway, it worked very well for the 15 or so years but I fell confident after speaking to others and some information gathering that the possibility exists that its confirmed a malwarebytes update has proven to crash machines here recently.


Yesterday, my old vaio crashed in the same manner in exactly the same way.  I searched web and found some chatter about this topic and want help, so I attempted an email to support.  I am under the impression there is a tool or something to aid in this problem.   I was surprised that I could not find a phone number to Malwarebytes, I remember speaking to a real person when I purchased the product sometime way back when CNet was really giving  you all props.  now it seems I cant talk to a person or at least I hope that's not the case and my online request for a call makes It in.


my symptom is now that I simply cannot power the Vaio up.  The same was true with my other crashed desktop machine. 


I appreciate some solution to getting the vaio up again and thanks everyone in advance.


Scott Cassity






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Hello jcassity and :welcome:

Telephone support was discontinued many years ago.

Let's begin here:

  • Please try the following and reply if this corrects your issue: MBAM Clean Removal Process 2.x.
  • If that does not correct the issue, then please read the following and individually attach the 3 requested logs in a reply to this thread: Diagnostic Logs.
  • The 3 files, from Step 2, to be individually attached from your desktop are: CheckResults.txt, FRST.txt and Addition.txt. Please do not Copy and Paste them into a reply.

Please update the status of your issue in a reply to this thread.

Thank You.

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Hello and Welcome....


I am going to put myself out there on the limb and mention that Malwarebytes getting updated will not cause your computer not to come back on.  You seem to be experiencing a hardware issue with those computers you mention.


What are the specs and model number of the computer you want to get help with?

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my symptom is now that I simply cannot power the Vaio up.  The same was true with my other crashed desktop machine. 


Scott Cassity



Computer crashing and computer not powering up are two different things.


What errors are you getting?  Does the Vaio even power up?  Does it begin to load windows?  Can you boot into safe mode?

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I cant say it differently.


the machine does not power up

verified dc power at the power chord output jack,, 19.2vdc,   verified no AC power in millivolts was present on the output jack of the power supply.   verified input connector of the chassis not fried, verified visually no damages to the exterior.


so while you are in the web doing things and in the background an update is going on,, you click ok and suddenly your machine shuts off.  Then when you depress the power button to power up and maintain the opposite results, you don't call that a crash?



again, this is the identical thing that happened to a much older machine of mine.



so in short my machine performed a hard shut down and will not hard boot directly  after which I clicked OK to a completed malewarebytes update pop up box.

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Understood, you have no power and the computer does not power up, not even a bios post....

I have not heard of any other cases where Malwarebytes fried a computer to the point that it will not turn on.

Being that this is a laptop, here is something to try, not sure it will help, but I have seen it work on others.

Unplug the power cord.

Remove the battery from the laptop

Hold the power button down for 30 seconds

Now with only the power cord plugged in (no battery) see if the laptop will power on/post.

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Well it was a try...


I know you mentioned that you tested the voltage of the power cord.  Do you by chance have another power cord, or a friend/family member with another cord to try, this way we can rule out the power cord. 


With your existing power cord, when you plug it into your laptop, does it show on the laptop that it is charging the battery, or any light indicators on the laptop?

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why was my thread moved?

its not in the same stall as where I put it,, it was difficult to find.  I suspect there is some benefit to moving it here yet its inappropriate to do so because my hardware did not have an issue until the update ran.


Your staff here at Malwarebytes should have seen my paid premium version serial number ping your server and take in a download this week.  You all should have seen my pc log in and hand shake and send out the update.  You all should have seen a compatibility problem, and send out a warning or something.  I am not asking for anything other than yes the update is not compatible and we are sorry, or we have no clue what happened.,, but yes we can confirm that instantly we "saw" your machine disconnect upon execution of the download".


I will have to repost it in the correct area because I did not have a hardware problem, the update occurred then the machine shut down after I clicked ok on the Malwarebytes update, then only to discover the update fried something.  Malwarebytes has been a to performer for me for a very long time, yet I suspect the company assumes people are using machines not as old as mine. 


No, no lights on the machine at all.  I also already tried not including the battery during startup.


This is the exact problem I had with the other desktop.


I find it to be a ridiculous assessment from this forum that the claim is that "software doesn't break computers",, that would be circular , defeating the purpose of all the hard work of the owners of this company and frankly in direct contradiction of the very purpose Malwarebytes serves.

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