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Hi, everyone.


About 2 weeks ago, my half sister messaged me saying that when she was trying to watch a movie on her PC, it kept making beeping noises or similar. I checked it out the next day and she was infected with Cryptowall 3.0. She more than likely got it from uTorrent/BitTorrent(where she downloads movies from). She had Malwarebytes installed, but every time we tried to launch it, it would be extremely slow and then crash. I tried many times and it didn't work at all. I booted the PC into Safemode with Networking and cleared out as many files the ransomware copied(in EVERY single folder on the PC) then tried Malwarebytes again- same result.

I downloaded Hitman Pro, and after a while it detected everything then removed it all. A restart showed that it was fully gone, but my half sister still wanted to use her torrent. My dad showed her *ahem* alternative sites *cough* but I'm pretty sure she is still using the torrent.


If you think this is an advertisement, it really isn't.

I just want to let you all know that Mbam didn't work when I tried to scan the system AND it worked before I restarted the machine.

I would've taken some samples if you are all still trying to solve Cryptowall, but I really don't want my external hard drive encrypted.

Although.. the log may be there somewhere, if thats any use.

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Hello BanementI,
Can you please tell us if your half sister runs the Active (or paid) version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, or was she just using the Free, Non active version ??

The Free or Not active version is designed to try and "mop up" after being infected.
There are many other tools (too many to list here) that can be run to "clean up" after being infected, and each one has its own use or reason for being..

Note that Hitman Pro is one of the free tools, and is used by the Experts on this forum where required.

Without knowing the answer to the first line, we cannot advise further than this =>
Please follow the directions on >> This Page if you may still be Infected << and an Expert will attend to you as soon as one is available.


Note that the system may still be carrying infections, and still require assistance..

Thank You,

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Yes that is a very good way to get infected, using utorrent and the like to download pirated movies/software increases your likely hood of getting infected.  P2P software is a hugh vehicle to spread malware.


No one security product is 100% especially these days as malware changes very quickly.  Having an active up to date antivirus and Antimalware Premium goes a long way to help you stay protected. As noknojon above mentioned, you did not inform us if your sister was using the Premium (active protection) or the Free version (used to clean after the infection already got you) its hard to tell if Malwarebytes actual did its job or not. 


Once infected, its hard to discuss how well Malwarebytes or any anti-malware program performs as many of these malwares affect the way the tools would run/work.

All that being said, if your going to seek help to clean the computer up for your sister, you are going to have to clean up all the pirated stuff first. See the Piracy Policy below

Piracy Policy

Thank you

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She was running the free version.


Since she was only using the free on demand version, then that increased her odds of getting infected as Malwarebytes was not running actively checking for threats. (this may very well have been prevented if she had the Premium version installed with active protection)


I've mis-written the title. I meant that while my sister was infected, Mbam couldn't run.


As I already mentioned above, once the infection is on the computer, most malware will block our tools in order to protect itself from being removed.  This is why removing malware can sometimes be hard and why we use multiple tools for cleanups.  See The complexity of finding, preventing, and cleanup from malware

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