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Microsoft: Windows 10, Edge so secure they don't need our EMET anti zero-day shield - Reality?


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Is it Sales gimmick or real change??





The fallback security against zero-day attacks on Microsoft software is now redundant for Windows 10 and Edge, according to the Redmond company.



Microsoft has released a Windows 10-compatible version of its seven-year-old anti zero-day tool but says the product is surplus to requirements for its latest OS and Edge browser.


Since 2009, if Microsoft couldn't patch a software flaw before it came under attack, it would tell enterprise customers to use EMET, the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit.


It has recommended it many times over the years but a case in point was when FireEye found hackers exploiting a bug affecting all versions of IE. Microsoft didn't have a patch, so it told everyone to use EMET until it released one.


The company this week announced the officially Windows 10-compatible version 5.5 of EMET. However, it launches as a tool that Microsoft believes is now largely redundant, thanks to inbuilt security improvements it has made to Windows 10.


Microsoft is so confident of how it has hardened its Windows 10 Edge browser that it's dropped support for it in EMET 5.5.


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Well, their hype about Windows 10 on TV showed the ugliest baby I've ever seen with a voiceover saying he would grow up using Windows 10.  Either its the XP of the future, they're getting out of the OS business, or its more sales & marketing BS.  I'll get out my shovel and wading boots, because it was deep before Win10 even hit the shelves.


Besides, if they sounded tentative, would you have any inclination to believe them?  BS is best when said with conviction.  Just ask Donald Trump (if you could manage to get a word in at all).

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