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Remote Desktop Windows 10 Home


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Hey, I am running Windows 10 Home edition,

Under the settings > my pc , the "organization" is listed as "WORKGROUP" is that normal?

And also, do I have remote desktop enabled? I can only see "remote assistance" under the system properties section. I want to ensure that remote desktop is off, so that someome can't break/hack into my computer, can someone advise me on how to do that?

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We'll need to wait for someone on Win10 to answer your specific question (I am on Win7), but until they do....
 ...Is this the same computer as the one here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/178179-error-20026/  and the one here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/178113-dridex-word-doc-infection/ ?
If so, it can be confusing, inefficient and counter-productive to work on the same computer simultaneously in multiple places.
The helpers can be unaware of modifications and steps taken by the other helpers, leading to a potential mess.
As you have an open, working thread in the malware removal section here, we respectfully suggest that you please continue only there for now.
When your helper has given you the "all clear", s/he may refer you back here for additional, non-malware work, if needed. :)


If this is a different computer, then please feel free to disregard the advice above, and to wait for someone familiar with Win10 to answer your question.
Thanks, :)

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Hey, I am running Windows 10 Home edition,

Under the settings > my pc , the "organization" is listed as "WORKGROUP" is that normal?


Since a "Home Edition" can not be a Domain Participant that is normal.


Additionally since you have to ask, it is not enabled.


Since you have an open Malware Removal thread [ Dridex Word Doc infection ], please stick with it.

You may resume this thread when that Malware Removal thread has concluded.

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For future reference, just don't want to forget what I wanted to ask, will wait for a reply when other topics solved.

Is there a difference between remote assistance and remote control?

And are you saying that the Windows 10 Home edition means that someone can't remotely control my laptop? Sorry if that is a really dumb Q.

Can I use my computer to remotely control another desktop or laptop on my home network?

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Yes, there is a difference

What is the difference between Remote Desktop Connection and Windows Remote Assistance?

Use Remote Desktop to access one computer from another remotely. For example, you can use Remote Desktop to connect to your work computer from home. You will have access to all of your programs, files, and network resources, as if you were sitting in front of your computer at work. While you are connected, the remote computer screen will appear to be blank to anyone at the remote location who sees it.
Use Remote Assistance to give or receive assistance remotely. For example, a friend or a technical support person can access your computer to help you with a computer problem or show you how to do something. You can help someone else the same way. In either case, both you and the other person see the same computer screen. If you decide to share control of your computer with your helper, you will both be able to control the mouse pointer.

Yes IFF the computer you want to control using Remote Desktop is a Professional,  Ultimate or an Enterprise flavour. 
Connect to another computer using Remote Desktop Connection
{ Watching the video requires Microsoft Silverlight }


NOTE: The capability is called Remote Desktop Protocol ( RDP ) and there is a Free version of the Microsoft RDP Client in the Apple Store.

{ Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later }

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Esorry if I come across really stupid. What do you mean by that?

Can a home version of windows take over pc with a pro/ent version?

Or can a pro/ent version take control over a pc with Windows home?

Ie. I have Windows 10 Home, is my computer safe from someone else taking over my pc through remote control ?

Thank you btw, I genuinely mean that, I really don't want you to think I am taking the mick or not appreciating the time you have taken to reply.

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Thanks for replying.

And I am backing up my data as we speak, so that I can run the scans over the next 2 days, and then I can upload the scan files.

Sorry if I am coming across as a nuisance person, I shall make sure I get the two open topics sorted before any other issues.

I really do appreciate the effort you all put in to help us novices with advice and support.

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