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Tech Support Scammers

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A friend today was scammed by a firm who was going to charge her $400 to fix viruses, malware, etc.  She had innocently browsed to a site which suddenly had a popup saying she had many problems.   "Call this # and we will fix your problems". In her panic, she called the #, and after talking to a smooth operator, she gave them her cc#. She called me and I told her to put a stop on the cc# - that she had been scammed. 


My question is:

Would MWB have stopped this popup?  

and since she did not have MWB, what should she do now to see what was downloaded to her pc. They did have control of it for about 10 minutes.  BTW, I told her to buy MWB.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts/input. Dublin 70. 

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Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware == MBAM
Movie of example:
{ It is just a video recording of one such site }
The answer is no.  It is not malware per se and as far as the Browser is concerned it is just HTML coding.  Albeit using bad coding to their advantage.
Assuming that a malicious script was used then MBAM would still not detect it as MBAM does not target scripted malware.
My understanding for Malwarebytes' Anti-Exploit (MBAE) is...
Since it is not using exploit code Malwarebytes' Anti-Exploit( MBAE ) will not block the activity as it would with something like a Buffer Overflow with an Elevation of Privileges.  As far as MBAE is concerned, it is just ordinary HTML code presented to the browser.

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EDIT: OOPS! Sorry, David, I didn't notice that you were posting a reply, as well.


It's impossible to say for sure whether Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) and/or Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE) would have prevented your friend's problem. (We don't know enough about the specific circumstances.)

She was a victim of social engineering, which is a powerful tool used by the bad guys.

And no one security product or products can protect 100% of computers 100% of the time from 100% of malware, especially if the user does not practice "safe hex" (safe computing practices).


This link contains a very comprehensive list of resources: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/407147/answers-to-common-security-questions-best-practices/#entry3071944

EDIT: Also, if you visit the Malwarebytes Blog HERE, and type "tech support scam" into the search box, you will see many blog-posts/articles.


If your friend actually allowed the scammer to take control of the computer, then she might want to create a forum account here and have one of the malware experts guide her through checking the system for malware.

That process begins with the information in this pinned topic: Available Assistance for Possibly Infected Computers



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While I dp appreciate your input, I must ask the question - what is one to do if safe browsing practices are in order. i have been attacked once and MBAM rescued me. I personally have up-to-date Windows security , up to date Anti-virus, (Avast), and up to date MBAM. I don't stray into strange areas (porn, free stuff, etc) and yet I was attacked. I remember the link to this day, Ringo Starr's son playing the drums - or some such nonsense. I was using the free version of MBAM and I was able to activate it to stop this thing. I promptly purchased the full version. I have not had any such attacks in the year's since - been at least since March of 2010 when I installed it. So the bottom line is, the web is a dangerous place and as you said, can't protect 100% of 100% for 100%. Boy is that annoying. Just had to lay all of that out. Thanks again for all your help and comments. Dublin70

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^^ In addition that excellent advice from @Porthos ^^
I would suggest: get rid of Java altogether.
Few websites and programs need it.
It's a giant security vulnerability, especially for non-expert home computer users.
Here are some other computer safety resources:

The complexity of finding, preventing, and cleanup from malware
So how did I get infected in the first place?
How did I get infected?
Answers to common security questions - Best Practices
List of well known antivirus products
Six tips to help you stay safer online



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I personally teach my customers.

DON'T use IE use Chrome or Firefox WITH Ad Block Plus.


MBAM and mbae and keep java flash ect. updated.

I have not used IE for lotsa years. I use Chrome or Opera and AD Block but not AD Block Plus. Gad, it just never stops. Ad Block once upon a time - now plus. Is that free or a fee? Thanks for input.

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