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Will firewall stop Cryptowall?

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After getting firewall working, Cryptowall came back but did about nothing
 and Malewarebytes and Hitmanpro did not find a rootkit this time.
Did the firewall stop it from doing more or since it put 3 pictures on desktop
to show up at start, it could have done anything?


Would having Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium stop this from getting in?


IN this topic:
 Cryptowall came back
 I didn't get an answer, but since have updated Windows 7 for the first time.
Would that be enough or is some antivirus needed even if I am not downloading
something and running it, just looking at internet pages?


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Kevin may have inadvertently lost track of your thread.

So, you may wish to either "bump" it or to send Kevin a PM.

He will assist you.


Once you are cleaned up, he can provide you with some recommendations about how to harden your defenses to prevent further infection.

There are many new ransomware variants every day.

It's important to maintain a layered approach to security.

Malwarebytes is currently BETA-testing a new anti-ransomware tool, to add to your AV, MBAM, MBAE, firewall, and other components.

But no one security application can prevent 100% of malware infections on 100% of computers 100% of the time. :(


Beyond that, it's hard to answer your question with specifics, as it's a very general question, since you don't mention the "Firewall" you are running. ;)

(Neither MBAM nor MBAE nor the new BETA-MBARW is a firewall.)




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