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Win XP Pro SP3 with Chrome


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I am wondering if anti exploit will work with Chrome after they stop supporting the XP Pro SP3 PC I am using occasionally.  My Chrome keeps alerting me today that soon they will stop support and I must migrate to a new OS.  I have every OS on various different PC's but my fav one is the XP-Pro and I would love to continue to use Chrome.  I can use firefox at least until they stop support.  I avoid IE and haven't set it up on any of my PC's for 15+ years.  I work on too many PC's where I have to use it...but at home I want to use Chrome or Firefox only. 


Perhaps I might ask if the Malwarebyte Anti-Malware will also work past the support date for Chrome?


I know...I know...it's not recommended to run my old system, but sometimes you got to play those older games.  ;-)

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Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit will both support your computer, and there is no plan I am aware of to change that.  When Microsoft did their end-of-life on XP, we made it clear in the forums and on our blog that we would continue to support it.  That being said, it is in your best interests in the long run to use a newer OS that has continued support for many years to come.  I do know that you already know that.  (I still have an XP box myself...the old workhorse is still reliable in case of emergency use).

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I posted an extensive guide here how to turn off the messages:




I would still highly recommend switching to Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or any of the many other supported browsers.
While my fix turns off the message, you will NOT receive further Google Chrome updates. 
Since Microsoft will be supporting Vista for at least another year, I don't comprehend Google's reasoning for dropping support this early.
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Thank You thank you!  I only recently came about your software because I wanted to redo this PC and run XP pro.  I did see the info about it being supported but wondered if it applied since I just received that chrome notice.  


And I appreciate the info about turning off the alert.  TY.


After dealing for weeks with a failed install of Win10 on my parents PC...I have a dislike bordering on hate with it.  HAHA!  That prompted me to grab one of my spare PC's and reinstall WinXP pro on it as a stress reliever..  


I do run Win7 Premier on my laptop and also have another with WinXP home.  I have 2 more PC's that I set up for my parents and I spend a huge amount of time trying to fix problems that caused.  So I have a Win7 that got hosed by Win10 install that allowed my mother to install without MY administrative knowledge.  Merry X-mas daughter!  I screwed up the PC on purpose basically she tells me.  


And a Win8 that my Dad has screwed up totally or so they think.  They bought the Win 8 cause I couldn't drive over to fix one of their problems till the weekend.  So they bought this 8 version since they thought I wanted MORE to do. They keep forgetting it takes me days to set up a new PC for them so I can keep it under control.   All they had to do was wait 3 days and a few minutes for me to find their blasted lost task bar!!  Problem is usually between keyboard and chair, but that is my life.  After the win10 fiasco...Dad tells me he is just going to run down and buy a new PC rather than bother me.  I told them if they go buy another PC I am going to take their keyboards away from them.  


Thanks for the help.  I probably should put this software at their house but I'd probably get a call at 500AM telling me that they have popup alert from the software and it scared them.  



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It's not Google that has dropped Chrome on Windows XP and Vista.  It is the Chromium project that has dictated this decision.  Comodo has also ceased to offer Dragon after version 45 for XP and Vista.

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HUMMM, food for thought I guess. I made an informed decision to not install 10 on my PC's till after all the other folks do the beta testing for me.  LOL!


I understand their reasons to drop support but dang it is hard to change something that works fine for me.   I like Chrome and Win XP pro (for networking security) and I like Win 7 I have had NO issues with 7 on my own PC's.  At least I can use Chrome there for a while longer.  I use a supported OS and browsers for any security needed work.  

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