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Getting Strange Popups

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Hi all.
Now recently I've been getting this really strange popup always asking me to download certain dodge apps when I click on them it takes me to the Play Store and downloads instantly. They only pops up on the home screen every so often. I haven't downloaded any dodgy apps recently or downloaded anything off the web. I've tried various Virus/Malware software and didn't find anything. I downloaded some Adpush apps some crashed midway and some found apps that I've used for ages to be the problem. 
I deleted some apps that I thought might cause the problem but it still happens. It's slightly worrying and no idea how to get rid of it.

Here is a picture of my problem - http://i.imgur.com/Wrzg6A5.png


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Hi ChewyAC,


Yeah, this is definitely coming from an installed app. Often trusted apps we've had installed for a long time get updates that contain new add libraries that are a bit more aggressive then before or an ad network was infiltrated by a bad affiliate. I would suggest trying a third party ad detector to help identify these bad libraries.


The one I usually suggest is Addons Detector, it helps identify the bad ones but also can help identify others in the gray area.




What music player is that running, in the background of your screenshot? Could that be the culprit? 


You might have to uninstall some 'trusted' apps to debug the issue.





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Hi there, 


Thanks for replying. Yes that's what I was worried that it might of been a recently updated app.

Now I've used loads of different adpush apps as well as that app and they haven't help a great deal but I will download that app again and go over it and understand it a bit more.


I do not believe it to be my music app which is Poweramp I've had it for years now and I even paid for the full thing so there should be no ads at all.


I will report back when I have done it.


Lastly I did reset my phone completely deleting everything and restored everything that didn't help, though I got these new ads notifications which I thought was great but unfortunately not, here's why - first picture of the ad - http://imgur.com/OPt3xlZnow when I held it down to see what app was causing it I got this http://imgur.com/kw8Ej9D



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