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***URGENT*** MBAE*** Multiple alerts

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Throughout yesterday (27/01/2016) and today we have been getting a large number of alerts. They are specifically two types of alerts. It only seemed to affect users using IE.


28/01/2016 14:40:51        WKS11        Exploit memory HeapSpray attempt blocked        BLOCK


28/01/2016 14:23:28        LAP19       Exploit attempt to bypass ASLR blocked        BLOCK


Looking on your forums coincidentally there are two threads from yesterday with reported the same issue:






This had large impact on productivity as users were unable certain parts of website etc.

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  • Staff

Please provide MBAE and FRST logs. Instructions in my signature.


In the meantime you can deactivate these techniques:


Console -> Policy -> Anti-Exploit -> Advanced -> Hardening -> Deactivate Anti-HeapSpraying

Console -> Policy -> Anti-Exploit -> Advanced -> Hardening -> Deactivate BottomUp ASLR

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I ended up editing my policy to not watch for those issues.  I ended up unchecking the two boxes for Browser.  This stopped the alerts to the users.  Not sure if this is the recommended way,

but it works.  Go to the Anti-Exploit tab, choose advanced, then uncheck "DEP enforcement" and uncheck "Anti Heapspraying"





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  • Staff

Yes, of course.


BitDefender recently released an upgrade to their clients. The upgrade contains a bug in one of its modules that causes the conflict and triggers the detection. The component is the following:

C:\Program Files\Bitdefender\Antivirus Free Edition\avc3\avc3_sig_336\avcuf32.dll

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