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Unable to move off quarantine


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I installed MAR and it detected two programs as ransomware:

Curse Client

BattleNet Agent


They both execute from the AppData folder, so I know why they were treated as ransomware. And the way the ransomware works it is expected that the program tries to block anything that is executed from there.

What I don't like is that the can't be moved out of quarantine if they are marked for deletion after a reboot.


I expect the program to treat every program running from the AppData as a ransomware suspect. What I do not expect is that the program will not allow me to mark them as safe. Program should be able to learn, but it must allow us to help it do that.


I uninstall it and will wait for a new version to test it again.

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Thanks for the reply 1PW, but I am not reporting a false positive. I am reporting that a function that the program supposedly has is not working as expected. As I said, I expect false positives in the way this program works, what I don't like is that I have to delete the false positive detection in order to be able to then remove it from the quarantine.


So, no, not reporting a false positive, reporting a bug. If that is not a bug then this is a function that is working as expected and I am not interested in keep on using the program.

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Hello sirlogan:


I apologize for misinterpreting your original post's main intent.


We will need to wait for the devs to weigh-in then.


If you would still like to report the false positives themselves, the pinned topic I quoted above is still applicable.


Thank you for the clarity and for testing MBARW.

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