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Simple question? Windows Firewall On or Off?


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I have premium versions of both MBAE and MBAM, and both are currently running. Windows Firewall is also running. For optimum protection(assuming there might be a conflict in running all three concurrently) should I disable Windows Firewall? I'm new to Malwarebytes and don't know all that it's programs encompass. 

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Thanks for the quick reply :)


Should I enable Windows Security Essentials, as well, or would that conflict? Also, is there be another third party program that works best with Malwarebytes that you or others have recommended, as an alternative to MSE(in the case it has firewall capabilities) or Windows Firewall?

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In addition to the excellent and expert advice already provided and at the risk of "gilding the lily".... ;)


You ask a common question with no "right" answer.

Also, see here: http://www.bleepingc...y-suite-for-me/


Yes, you need an AV with MBAM and MBAE, and Yes, you need a firewall (software and/or hardware).

Neither MBAM nor MBAE is an anti-virus.

Neither MBAM nor MBAE is a firewall.


MBAM PREMIUM and MBAE PREMIUM are a fine place to start for layered protection.

But you will still need a robust AV and a firewall.
As far as the AV or firewall choice, there is no one "best" option to suit every computer, user and budget.

As this board is owned and operated by Malwarebytes corporation, it's a general forum practice not to endorse or denigrate any particular AV.
There are many fine options, all of which should be fine alongside MBAM and MBAE.

MSE is probably at least as good as any of the other free AVs, though it has both fans and detractors.
Here are a few others: List of well-known antivirus products
There are many other computer fora with in-depth, passionate discussions of this topic, and many older threads here at this forum, too.

Having said that, no one security program can protect 100% of users from 100% of malware 100% of the time.
The most important security component is the computer part between the chair and keyboard. ;)

Here are a few links with helpful information:

The complexity of finding, preventing, and cleanup from malware
So how did I get infected in the first place?
How did I get infected?
Answers to common security questions - Best Practices
List of well known antivirus products
Six tips to help you stay safer online

Also: regarding the "Free" AVs, you might find this post from a MS MVP interesting or helpful: http://www.bleepingc...s/#entry3781476



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