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False Positive on Skype.exe, after upgrade to the latest Beta version


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Even though Skype was open for a while, it sent me that notification after I checked a few conversation. The client crashed shortly after.


The weird thing though is that... The Skype.exe is still in its folder and MBARW doesn't show anything in the Quarantine tab. So far, I started up Skype again and it didn't do anything, yet. Weird. Maybe the logs will explain what happened.



Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip


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I just checked in the C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\Quarantine folder, and there's a single file there, last modified today at 5:30 PM (the time I had the detection). The MD5 hashes aren't the same, but the file size is. File is named 84633a5a-c545-11e5-8edf-0a0027000000.quar. I cannot attach it since the file is 49MB big, and it stays that size even after being compressed. Skype.exe gets sized down to 23.8 MB however. If you wish, I can upload it on my Dropbox and/or Google Drive and PM you the link (or post it here if you don't mind).

Also, I'm currently investigating an issue which I think is caused by MBARW, where on startup, no startup programs are being launched, and Emsisoft Internet Security isn't accessible. Now, I disabled MBARW from the Startup tab, and disabled the MB3Service, then restart my computer and everything launched properly. I'll re-enable them, restart and you let know how it goes. If it indeed cause the issue, I'll start a new thread since this one is for the FP on Skype.exe.



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