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Finally updating Adobe (reader, flash etc)

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I am finally updating my Adobe Flash and Reader.

I uninstalled all four, restarted.

Then went to http://get.adobe.com/reader/

First it installed into my Add-Ons on Firefox.

Then Firefox restarted, and the attached screen shot occurred...

Shortly after my fan came on quickly and LOUDLY.

Now adobe is installing...

Is this normal?

Edit: Just updated flash. Everything seems fine.

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@ mountaintree16

Here is a screenshot of what will pop-up if you enter or run an infected site and what the protection module looks like

(sorry to jump in the middle of your posts)

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@ yardbird:

Thank you!!

So by hitting quarantine, nothing has gotten on the computer and nothing will by quarantining it?

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So it can't get out where, onto the computer?

Then I can remove it from Quarantine you mean?

K! talk to you later.

hitting quarantine will put it in Quarantine, so it can't get out - then you can remove it.... I need to re-boot my pc. will be back later....
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