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Plan to Integrate w/ MBAE/MBAM?


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My company just purchased MBAE & MBAM for Business so I'm curious if you plan to integrate this new technology into one of those products. it would be disappointing to learn that your new research efforts in this area would not be included in one of those products and would require a separate purchase for enterprise customers.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta 2 has been released, download or update now!

(If you have MBARW installed it should prompt to update)


Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (BETA) 0.9.5


• Improved rules to prevent false positives on legitimate software

Issues Fixed:

• Fixed issue that interfered with proper detection of latest CryptoWall 4 variant

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Howdy Decrypt,

A little confused, take me for instance, I bought my MBAM a long time ago, it's the lifetime license. When this rolls out:

A: will I have to re-purchase MBAM to have access to MBAR ?

B: Will MBAM update to include MBAR at the time of release for paid subscribers of MBAM ?

Thanks, and keep up the Awesome work.

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Thank You for the swift reply pbust,

Its nice to know that MalwareBytes has my back, besides VooDoo Shield Malwarebytes is my complete security solution.

Some people tell me i'm crazy for only using Malwarebytes family of products, add more they say.

I know that layering too much is hard on a system and can create problems so I only employ MB's MBAM & MBAE

I will be glad to add MBAR to that list.

A lot of security is common sense, knowing what your clicking on, what environment your in, but for the surprises it's nice knowing I only have to rely on one family of products. PeAcE

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