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Hello everyone,


Has anyone come across the topic title virus before? I recently had this come through an email, as a BZ2 zipped file, I ran a scan using Malwarebytes for Business(up to date) which found nothing, I then ran a scan on the zipped file using Webroot SecureAnywhere, which also did not find anything.


I then extracted the zipped file, and redid the scans with both Malwarebytes and Webroot, Malwarebytes did not find any issues, however, Webroot stopped me from even attempting the scan, and removed the file immediately.


This is not the first time I have encountered Malwarebytes not identifying infections that I know are there, on more than 1 occasion I have had the privilege of coming across the Cryptolocker virus, and both infects had Malwarebytes for Business(up to date definitions and subscriptions).


Of course when i then ran a full scan it  Malwarebytes did find the crypto infection and removed it, however, not before the infection had encrypted all the files in the system.


Anyway, getting off topic at this stage, just need to know anything regarding the LocalInfect.2 issue, it doesn't seem to be a serious infection, but can be a bit of a pain if unchecked.


Any advise, insights would be appreciated.




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