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OK thanks for adding me. Now to the point. Long time user of Malwarebytes. Have always recommended it and installed it on family and friends computers. Been using the premium version on several computers for over a year. I now have an extra unused license due to over aggressive renewal site ( just open the link to look at license and an order is placed ). I have cancelled auto renewal on that unneeded license and will do so on my other three licensed  products. Also had trouble activating an upgraded license. It is supposed to be automatic but it took a while to even get it to accept the license key. Then I had to uninstall and download the free version which finally upgraded itself.  I travel a lot and time spent or wasted on silly unnecessary stuff is a real _____. Lack of support that is answered is the norm today but it is disappointing on such a great product. To top it all I tried to contact the supplied link to comments and it failed several times and would only take me to the third party site that they are apparently using to answer users comments. Very sad indeed. Sorry to rant and whine on your Forum site which i am sure is very good but there it is. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would love to buy Malwarebytes and chop a few heads off. Don't feel like I am picking on Malwarebtes. Another favorite program I have been using for untold years made me feel like I was dealing with the old AOL. I wont call that companies name ( Avast ) but it has always worked well with Malwarebytes. Its enough to make you wish Microsoft success with their supposedly maintenance free Windows 10.


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Hello: :)

Until a Malwarebytes employee has a chance to respond....


We're sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with license renewal/activation/cancellation.
Unfortunately, we here in the forum lack access to the information (transaction info, license data, activation servers, etc.) to be able to resolve them.
The only folks who can sort this out are the staff at the Help Desk.

You may contact them via email using the web form >>HERE<<.

  • If you already have a ticket at the Help Desk, please try to be patient. The Help Desk is busy, and they are also assisting users with technical support and malware cleanup cases.
    • Please do not open multiple tickets there -- doing so will slow down the process and could delay their response to you.
  • If you do NOT already have a ticket at the Help Desk, you may open one HERE.
    • Please provide the Help Desk with as much of the following information as possible (but do NOT post this sensitive information here in this forum):
      • Name of purchaser
      • Email address of purchaser
      • Date of purchase
      • cleverbridge reference number (or details about the seller, if it was NOT malwarebytes online store)
      • MBAM license ID and Key information
      • Screen shots of any error messages or other dialogs
  • Either way, please be sure to check your spam and junk mail folders, to verify that the emails from the Support team did not land there by mistake.

In the interim, you may wish to perform a CLEAN REINSTALL of MBAM -- the setup wizard will offer a 14-day Trial with the full, premium features, while you sort out the licensing issues. (1 Trial per PC per MBAM program version)

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

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