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Compatability with other Anti-Ransomware Programs


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I'm not asking for a comparison of programs, nor an assertion as to which one is better...


but for the sake of anyone who is already using FoolishIT's CryptoPrevent, or Ruiware's WinAntiRansom, do they need to uninstall these first to avoid a conflict with MBARW?   Or can MABRW be added to a system with either of these other programs installed?


(I'm sure you'll assert these other programs are superfluous once MBARW is installed... but that's not what I'm asking here... just about conflicts, if any.)

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Hi, I'm using the following security/anti malware/privacy programs with MBARW on win 8.1 Pro


I stopped using CryptoMonitor as Malwarebytes owns the company that produced it and employs its owner, so I assume it will perform at least all of its functions. Confirmation of this would be useful, as the EasySync Solutions site had been mentioning a new and improved version for some time.


As to the relative protection provided by competing products and overlap or conflicts, that would be useful to know.


I've only had one minor issue with MBARW when it was very slow/unresponsive, which considering this is the first public beta might have been a compatibility issue, or entirely unrelated.


Hope this helps.

Memory Resident
Norton Security
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium
Raxco PerfectGuard
WinPatrol Licensed
WinPrivacy Licensed
WinAntiRansom Licensed

On demand
CryptoPrevent (Default Settings)
Super Anti Spyware
Spybot Anti-Beacon
Spybot Search and Destroy
Spyware Blaster



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Thanks for the information Nathan. I had disabled CM before installing MBARW.

As MBARW seems like a keeper, I've uninstalled CM now.


I'd noticed the EasySync Solutions site had been down for some time. I'm surprised Malwarebytes hadn't redirected the url or put an announcement up to say that it had been bought by Malwarebytes. Had I known that, I would have waited before buying anti ransom software.

I see that a redirect is now in place.

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