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MBARW installation not working


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With different browser, was able to download the setup file, but does'nt install and remains, 'Suspended' as per Process explorer..


In fact, windows explorer hangs with every attempt at installation and needs restart, which causes MBAE UI to disappear.. then, cannot kill mbae ui service, to re-start this UI service.. (seems some self-protection, has been introduced in 1187 build, if I'm not wrong)..


Un-installed MBAE and tried to run the MBARW setup, but w/o any success..


No blocking by AV's, No log of application blocking by Firewall too.., so it's clear that setup is problematic..


PS : Had the same 'Smartscreen' alert/block, which I ignored and tried the setup, which has'nt worked.. (OS Win10 x64 pro)

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Would you mind restarting your PC for me (full restart, windows 10 likes to hibernate instead on default with some laptops), Download the installer again, Run as admin, choose ignore on the smart filter and see what happens again?


If this changes nothing then we may need to go into more advance steps. Did you recently upgrade to win10? Like very recently?



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- It's always 'full shutdown/reboot'..

- Never allow battery to go down to 'hibernation' levels (working between 40%-80%)..

- I was an early bird, upgrading to Win 10 hours before official release on July'29th.. (not sure whether it was from Win 8/8.1, most probably from 8.1).. may not fall under MBARW 'known issues' for Win 8..


PS : It's always 'Admin' account login..and tried the setup in 'Run as admin' only..

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Disable SS filtering, reboot, install MBARW, then turn on SS filtering.

My sister-inlaws laptop had this issue damn near to the letter, and thats what I did to remedy.

I have now installed the beta on 3 desktops and 2 laptops for family and have only seen this issue with the one laptop and it was a HP running the same OS as you, weird. PeAcE

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i don't think 'SS' is any longer the problem.. When you ask it to 'go ahead' in the first alert, then it will no longer come in picture..


As, 'SS' caused similar alert with the latest MBAE 1187 build and after it was asked to 'ignore/go ahead', it allowed the download and was able to uograde to the latest MBAE build..


Anyway, will try out your step and get back..

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I had only recently posted the FRST logs inconnection with MBAE 1185 build problems with chrome 64 bit, and only build 1187 fixed the chrome problem.. So, system is fine..


Anyway, I'm in the middle of some work and would need time to get the fresh logs..Will try to give the link to the relevant topic/post, for immediate ref..


EDIT : The link to earlier logs - https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/171714-error-opening-browserapps-on-windows-10/page-2(under #39 post)

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Since you are literally asking me to go w/o protection, for MBARW installation, I would prefer to do it only in off-line mode, but I find you need to be online for activation..Any way-out?


PS : Winpatrol, only monitors changes to 'Start-up' items and should not be a problem.. Trusteer comes into picture, only for specific browsers, while browsing, so also can be ruled out.. Adguard too is related to browsing, also can be ruled out..


The final crunch is the AV's, where I prefer atleast the primary protection of Avast to be in place.. So, will try w/o Webroot & Emsisoft, and get back.. Is it OK?

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To ensue there is no conflicts between us and all of these other programs (regardless of their functionality) it would be best to disable all the list protection applications. I am only asking you to disable these during the install of the application, in which you can turn around and enable right away if it does work. 


With the BETA being a brand new application, some of these applications may be stopping it from running and installing correctly.


If you would prefer to do this Offline, that is also fine. Just remember that after the install you will then need to turn on your internet, and reboot the machine so that ARW can activate.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta 2 has been released, download or update now!

(If you have MBARW installed it should prompt to update)


Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (BETA) 0.9.5


• Improved rules to prevent false positives on legitimate software

Issues Fixed:

• Fixed issue that interfered with proper detection of latest CryptoWall 4 variant

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