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It cost me some patience but it is installed.


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At first I got a message I should not download this because it is harmfull for my computer.

I downloaded it anyway 


Than the next struggle 


Windows SmartScreen stopped it form intalling on my system


couldn't find it to cancel and proceed anyway, it just stopped.


I tried it more times en the 5th time Windows finally understood that I was really going to install this anyway the message was gone and 

It shows the familiar message If I agreed install this program  




it's on my computer now.


My OS is Windwows 10 pro


more programs on my computer 


AVG free

MBAM premium 

MBAM anti exploit free

Hitmanpro Alert 3.1


In the youtube it shows on a OS of Windows 7 , correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this must work on Windows 10 pro as well though??


sorry my examples are Dutch, but I think you understand what I mean.









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I will install it on my old laptop with Windows 7 as well, I want to see how if it "works" kinda exciting though but I like to do some experimental things, when I screw it up, well

I will see when it happens and than think about what to do. 


Some might kill me for that, but that I can handle. 


to be continued...

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Today I installed the beta on my laptop with windows 10 pro


protected by


AVG free

MBAM free on demand

MBAM anti exploit


The installation now went without any problems wich I had Yesterday on my desktop with the SmartScreen protection wich closes the download, it even didn't show


So it is up and running on my Toshiba.


After that I installed it on my old Acer Extensa with Windows 7


Also no problems during installation, so that one is also up and running. 


Protection on my Acer Windows 7


AVG free

MBAM free on demand 


So I have a minimum on protection on that laptop.


For so far on my desktop it's running now about 24 hours I think and I have no problems, no problems with my programs, nothing blocks, no false postives or what so ever. Everything is stil functioning fine and I hope so for the laptops as well, I will try tomorrow work on the laptop in order to see if problems shows up.

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Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Beta 2 has been released, download or update now!

(If you have MBARW installed it should prompt to update)


Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware (BETA) 0.9.5


• Improved rules to prevent false positives on legitimate software

Issues Fixed:

• Fixed issue that interfered with proper detection of latest CryptoWall 4 variant

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Thank you, yes I received the update on my desktop just 10 minutes ago


I received the update message, but strangly on my laptop Acer with win 7 and the Toshiba with win 10 pro still not received the message 


Okay for that


The update went a bit differant in the set up it shows this page that it wil close down MB3Service during Setup 

I choose the option wich is selected ( see in the image I will post here too )


after the installation of the update was complete en I finished,  the application of Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware opened automatically and it was disabled 

I had to enable it manually again, so the attempt of setup to restart failed I think.









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There is a bug where the protection starts disabled, but if you clicked enable all should be fine. Did the installer finish successfully?


Yes it finished succesfully and I enabeled it manually as I write before

and it's up and running again 


just want to mention it 


Still waiting for the update prompt on my  2 laptops but when not I will do the update manually in the morning. 

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Okay I'm back again  on my win 7 I opened the program and it wants me to update so far so good


it went the same as on my desktop Win 10 pro 


but at the end came a message from windows 


after that it took some time for the program to launce and I enabled it manually as I did on my desktop


For my Toshiba laptop with  Win 10 HOME it is nog possible to update

I launced the porgram it was with the yellow message to update


but in the process after the message to close down MB3Service 


an error occurs 



I will upload 3 images the first is of my win 7 


and 2 of the diffferant messages of the error


The program stil nog up and running on my win 10 home toshiba


I ignored it, retry but no effect







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Here I'm again with some new issues 


It is getting exciting now


I stopped the procces and after that MBARW dissapeared, also I could not open it from the icon on my desk it seems empty, so I reboot my laptop


I took a long time 


After that the first thing was a message from MBARW  a ransomware detected and put in quarantaine


So I launced the program and it wants me to update so I did and now everything went fine no errors 

and I enable manually I opened the quarantaine 

and I'm nog very sure I should delete this, it seems a legitem program so I hope it is okay to restore it on the button


Let me know please   :unsure: 


see the attached files





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Ok I can't restore it, because it said it is marked for delet on reboot


and  off all things I have to reboot a windows update wants to reboot


Why the choise of restore if  it is all set on delete on reboot???


I'm confused 


but okay I will  reboot and see what happened 


wish me luck  :ph34r:

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I'm back the toshiba is still alive updated his win 10 updates


and after this reboot I opened the MBARW and 


in te quarentine still remains the 2 lines 


so I restore them 


was surprised it was still there because I thought it would be deleted on reboot.


But my skype is closed down


I try to stich it back to my task bar and opened it but it closed right away and the same time 


again the message came that ransomware was detected with skype ( and the new version is up and running ) 


But it was not in the quarantaine as the message said.


again now wants me to reboot on this so I think I will


Skype is not a big issue on my laptop and I can install it when things are fixed,


what surprised me skype is also on my desktop and seems not giving this problems 


So thats very strange I think




I reboot this because I want that message to disapear 

Must say since this occurs the reboot is really slow


and my Toshiba is slowed down since the update 


nothing is really deleted on reboot


and now 3 lines are in quarantine  


that is 2 times for the skype thing


I will leave it in quarantine because  it seems that I can't flee from this anyhow






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I started up  all my 3 systems and glad to notice my Toshiba is back fast again.  The stuff is still in quarantaine and skype closed down


for my win 7 no problems so far


Also at first it seems all right on my desktop.


could work normal as always until................................


yes the soap continues  Ccleaner mentioned  I could clean up some disque space so I analysed ( no problem so far) and than I cleaned  

And Yes MBARW  came up detetecting ransome ware and put it in quarentine also  with the DOR  could not restore it 


I retry ccleaner but the message shows on the moment of cleaning again.


So in order to finish my task of ccleaner I disabled MBARW and no problem I finished the tast and after that I enabled MBARW  again.

seems the only solution since it is already in quarentine I can do nothing with it 

I think the Delete On Reboot  should just be an option after you restored false positives


It also is anoying that you can't see the compleet path in the shield also when you enlarge it on the screen.  Since it put also a registry key, I want to know the complete path.



Also a little issue is that when you start up the computer ( I noticed on all my 3 systems )  the program starts up minimized on the task bar, from where I have to open it up and close it down in order to let it 

run on the background. 


On my toshiba Skype is closed down and on my Win7 Acer still nog ask to scan the Ccleaner, neither on the toshiba, but when it does I will disable MBARW before the task and Enable after so I wil not 

come in the quarantine.


Hope this issues be fixed soon 


2 files attached


the first is the quarantine of MBARW now 


the second is how it shows always after start up ( or reboot ) the system 





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I tried, but I cannot resize I enlarge it as much as possible and the columns stay like that don't see how to fix that.


I'm going to reboot my desktop with the ccleaner issue 

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I'm back, 


so I reboot my desktop with windows 10 pro 

wich had issues with ccleaner 


After the reboot MBARW was disabled again so I enabled it and 

in the quarantaine I managed to enlarge the colomns to see the whole path  :D  was not so hard after all 






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Okay I manage to restore ccleaner on my desktop and put it in exlusions  by add the file 


also put skype in as well. It has no problems on my desktop Skype only has troubles on my laptop ( Toshiba) 



I tested Ccleaner after I put add in exlusions and leave the MBARW enabled and run it as well cleaned up 

and no problem,


so I think everything that is still  falling into quartine as false positive you should just restore or even re install and put it in exlusions 

for the time beïng

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