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MBAE causes 0xc0000018 error with CMD.exe


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Hello! I just found this fix online. If you recently upgraded to Windows 10 and had Windows 7/8/8.1 installed before with MBAE, CMD.exe won't run. 

See this blog post here: https://davescomputertips.com/how-to-fix-the-application-was-unable-to-start-correctly-0xc0000018-in-windows-10/


The fix (uninstall & reinstall) worked perfectly for me and many other users. MBAE should patch, if possible. I'm amazed I found that blogpost; it's such a generic error--I thought I had a virus!

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Having this exact same issue. Just deployes MBAM and MBAE to roughly 80 endpoints and several are having this issue. All are Windows 10 X64 machines. All have the latest version of MBAM ( and MBAE ( installed. Several of these are clean installs of Windows 10 with just the basic business applications installed. If I disable MBAM, the problem goes away. I've opened a support case and provided logs, but was told the information had to be sent to developer for review. It appears this has been an ongoing issue for some time and is still affecting business users. I'll post back here once support has a resolution.

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I never saw the OPs post, but I see i now that you replied to it.

FWIW, Microsoft themselves warn that you should disable protection software when performing the upgrade to a new OS version.  That is appplicable in the OPs case as he was talking about upgrades, not clean installs. 

Furthermore, the versions you've listed are business products, which are neither licensed for consumer use nor are exactly the same as the consumer products.

For direct help from MB Staff, @brainerdmobil, I'd start a new topic in the Endpoint Security section.  Here is the link for you.  https://forums.malwarebytes.org/forum/109-malwarebytes-endpoint-security-support/

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I am indeed using licensed business versions of MBAM and MBAE. Some of the affected clients are clean W10 installs and some are upgrades, however these clients were upgraded before MBAM and MBAE was deployed. I posted here as there is only 1 post on the business forum related to this issue and the only helpful advise on that thread is to uninstall MBAE. I'll post over there as well.


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No, I completely understand because the symptoms and the error code being the same.  However, the methodology for some of your machines is completely different than the OP, which to me suggest something in the deployment phase is causing issues.

At any rate, thanks for taking the time to search.  Let's see what the staff and devs have to say about this issue.  They will most likely want some of the same logs you've already supplied to support, and if your support ticket is still open, you might want to mention that as well.

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